The Where, When, And What Of Traveling With Kids

by : Adrian Adams

With a little bit of planning and preparation, traveling with kids can be easy as a walk in the park; well almost. The key to traveling with kids is to stop thinking of it as a business trip that is planned with military precision. Instead, think of it as an adventure; expect the unexpected and go with the flow. Minor mishaps happen and it's nothing to explode about. It's just part of the excitement of traveling with kids. Go with the right attitude and you and your kids are likely to have a fun time, mishaps and all.

Having said that, do yourself and your kids, and do spend some time making preparations so as to avoid unnecessary distress. A few things you need to think about would include where to stay, when to go and what to take.

Where to Stay

Planning on booking that hotel you stayed in during your last business meeting would be a definite disaster. Instead, look for a hotel that is more kid-friendly with plenty of place for kids to run around in, a swimming pool, a games room or perhaps a kid's room. Several hotels organize special movies, magic shows and other kinds of kid's entertainment every evening. It provides kids with the perfect opportunity to meet up with and mingle with other kids of all ages while the two of you have a romantic meal and some quiet time together.

When to Go

If you have a choice, avoid booking a flight that leaves very early in the morning. If you have to leave your house at midnight you are going to be juggling suitcases as well as a handful of cranky zombies. Choose your timing well. If your travel involves crossing time zones, keep in mind the time of departure as well as the time it will be at your destination.

What to Take

Medicines are a must when you are traveling with kids. You don't want to be lugging a sick child and looking for a drug store in the middle of the night in a strange city. Carry essential cough, cold and fever medications as well as emergency supplies of band-aids. Carry sufficient anti-allergy medication if your child takes any.

Don't forget to take along enough books to read, crayons and coloring books and a few travel board games so the kids can entertain themselves in between outdoor excursions and sightseeing trips. Avoid carrying toys with lots of small, moving parts that are likely to get vacuumed away by over-conscientious housekeeping.