Great Suggestions for Things to Do in the Mountain West

by : David

The Mountain west consists of the states Mo.,Id.,Wy.,Co.,Nv.,Ut. Although these states are known for for their grandiose beauty there are many aspects of this area that most people do not often explore but are warrant a visit. If you have the time and ability then visit these on your next trip..

1. Visit the Thermal Springs- This geological area has a great deal of thermic activity which has resulted in a a lot of mineral hot springs in this region. From rustic to exorbitant there is a pool for every taste. For those that are like simplicity then White Sulfur Springs Hotel has the perfect spring and hotel for you. Those that like more of a resort feel, check out some of the hot springs that Colorado has to offer.

2.Hunt for Pictographs- The ancient peoples of the Mountain west were extremely artistic, and a a lot of there 4000 year old art can remains even today, chipped into flat rock surfaces across the region. For a quick tour, Fremont State Park in Utah has a great trail and interpretive center, for those that enjoy walking Grand Gulch in Utah is a delightful place to stop for a visit.

3.Enjoy the Lesser Known National Parks- If you have not visited Yellowstone, then certainly you should see there first, but for those of you that have already done the most popular parks in the region you could think about visiting the underestimated ones. Cumulatively, this region has over 53 National sites, and most of the state have outstandingstate park systems as well.

4.Check Out the Local Museums (as well as the more famous ones)- Many of the most interesting museums are those that are in the middle of nowhere, like the city museum in Three Forks, Montana in which the local citizenry gathered paraphernalia from their town spanning a century and a half. Of course, some of the more famous museums are worth stopping by as well, such as the Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody, Wyoming. This museum looks into into western history for example Old Guns of the West or Modern Western Art.

5.Go Skiing- The West is famous for its sunny weather, but we also have the best powder around. For those of you that are not interested in trying downhill skiing, you should consider cross-country. Sun Valley, Idaho has great trails an addiotion top pick is the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest in Montana.

6. Visit anAlpine Lake this coming summer- The mountains of the intermountain west are full of glacial blue alpine lakes. Most of them are well known but a number of the most most interesting are off the main tourist track and often require a long hike to arrive at. One of our top choices is Seneca Lake in the Wind River Mountains. This mountain lake is circled by steep ledges and beautifully carved mountains that were formed by glaciers. The Wind River mountains are well known for fishing and backpacking opportunities. Another great destination in the Wind River Mountains is Lonsome lake located near the Cirque of the Towers in the southern part of the Wind River Mountains.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of things that you should try to do in the mountain west, instead of the old car tour. Any of the above iteneraies will not only be exciting and fun but will provide you with many great pictures for years to come.