Visit to Rocky Mountain National Park

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

Visit to Rocky Mountain National Park 

Rocky Mountain National Park is within the front range of the Rocky Mountains (Rockies) but it part of the United States national park. Located about 76 miles (122 km) northwest of Denver International Airport in north-central Colorado. 

Rocky Mountain National Park


The highest point of Rocky Mountain National Park is Longs Peak. There are Sixty mountain peaks that are over 12,000 feet (3,658 m) high in Rocky Mountain National Park. 

There are five regions, or geographical zones, within Rocky Mountain National Park.

  • Region 1 of Rocky Mountain National Park
    Is known for moose and big meadows. It is located on the west, or Grand Lake, side of the Continental Divide. 33 miles of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail loop through the park and pass through alpine tundra and scenery.
  • Region 2 of Rocky Mountain National Park
    Is the alpine region of the park with accessible tundra trails at high elevations—an area known for its spectacular vistas.
  • Region 3 of Rocky Mountain National Park
    Known for wilderness escape, is in the northern part of the park and is accessed from the Estes Park area.

    On this north side of the park, the Mummy Range contains a number of thirteener peaks, including Hagues Peak, Mummy Mountain, Fairchild Mountain, Ypsilon Mountain, and Mount Chiquita. Several small glaciers and permanent snowfields are found in the high mountain cirques.
  • Region 4 of Rocky Mountain National Park
    Is the heart of the park with easy road and trail access, great views, and lake hikes including the most popular trails
  • Region 5 of Rocky Mountain National Park
    Known for waterfalls and backcountry, is south of Estes Park and contains Longs Peak—the park's iconic fourteener—and the Wild Basin area

You will find more details when you look at the brochures for the park. You will also be able to find the various sights in the park when you use the park map. The history of this park is a testament to the vision that some people had to ensure that our children have a place where they can visit in peace.

To help you have a great time at Rocky Mountain National Park, you will find many different types of lodgings where you can stay during your visit. Each of these will have amenities which will fit well in your budget. Some of the Rocky Mountain National Park lodgings will have executive style rooms, wet bars, solariums and other facilities.

There are some lodgings which resemble scaled down hotels or luxurious cabins. All in all you will discover that you have a wide choice of different places where you can stay in. The many different lodgings in this national park will provide you with all of the needs that many people look for when they are going on holiday.

Among the other information you should look up is what sort of amenities you will find. These should include the medical facilities; food, gas for your car and also where you can find help if your car should develop some problems.

You will find that while you can visit this park for an extended sty it is best if you are prepared for staying here. So the next tine that you are looking for a challenge you might want to pay a visit to Rocky Mountain National Park.