Moving Supplies - Free Shipping Saves Time And Money!

by : Abhishek Agarwal

Relocating to a new home or a new country takes its toll on families both financially and emotionally too. Not only do you have to decide on the best methods of packing your stuff and having it transported to the new home, a major consideration, is the cost factor and if you are not being relocated because of your job, you would have to bear this expense yourself.

The many questions that would arise in your mind are the kind of packing to protect the delicate stuff, like would paper suffice or should you use bubble wrap, should you hire a truck or get professional movers and packers. And finally what would all this cost you, and would there be such a thing as special moving supplies free shipping?

Moving supplies free shipping

There are companies who are involved in moving and packing and offer special reduced prices and sell packing kits to lessen the burden of the expense on the persons who are moving. They also give discounted prices for bulk bookings which could be used if you are moving lock stock and barrel.

Moving supplies free shipping offers are advertised very often by packing companies all over the world. Most have the minimum slab of two hundred dollars per purchase. These advertisements appear on the home page or index page of catalogues and also online.

Advertisements on Moving supplies free shipping

These advertisements appear on all orders with an offer of a next day delivery in more than three fourths of the states in the United States. These companies have a network of their own world wide and are able to do the moving more economically because of this. They offer door step delivery anywhere in the world. As they do not have to use any other service like parcel mail or postal service because of their own facilities time and money is saved.

Read the fine print always

Though these companies offer free service there are hidden issues like the time frame for delivering the goods could take up to 3 weeks and some of them want a membership registration fee which has to be paid annually. So it is better to look through all the offers and see which is the most straight forward and with the least hidden costs. To be sure of what you are getting into always read the fine print and discuss all the options, still better get the estimate in writing with everything put down.

Some sellers like Bidville and eBay give a listing online of moving companies. Here again you should know what their packing and shipping qualities are and also the time that they take to deliver the goods. You could check with earlier customers who have used their services so that you have a fair idea of what their services are like. You could also check online for other customer views and see if they are good and reliable at moving stuff before you sign up with them. As most of these packing firms are booked much in advance to ensure that they are available on the dates when you have to move long in advance to avoid disappointment.