Holiday Homes

by : Thomas Pretty

With property prices as high as they are many who are looking into buying a holiday home are increasingly looking at caravans and static homes as a cost effective alternative to buying houses. The reason these types of caravan and static homes make an ideal holiday home has much to do with the increase in comfort in recent years.

No longer do static homes and caravans have such a poor reputation with holidaymakers, the old view of a cardboard box that is cramped and uncomfortable has largely been surpassed by homes that offer a great level of luxury at a reasonable price. If looking for a holiday home in Britain they are an ideal way to own a base in many parts of the country.

Increasing numbers of people can afford a holiday home; while most cannot afford a chateau on the continent, a holiday home in Britain is a startling alternative. Those of retirement age are increasingly freeing up equity and finding themselves a place along the rugged British coast. The weather may not be great but often these are the generation who are used to hardship, and having a holiday home where rain may be an issue is not a true consideration.

A holiday home such as a cottage is a vast expense, not to mention the upkeep costs and heating bills. More and more people who like to holiday in the country are realising this and subsequently sales of static homes and caravans are up. The luxury of some of the prestige models is amazing and makes the fact that increasing numbers of people have taken this route unsurprising.

The home from home factor is a strong incentive for buyers; often the specifications that can be determined before purchasing this type of holiday home allow customers to select a home that will suit. Kitchen layouts, lounge and bedroom decor can all be defined making a holiday home truly personable.

One worry must be however that with increasingly violent weather, the safety of this type of holiday home could be a concern. Thankfully the structure of modern statics and caravans is secure and strong. Apart from freak occurrences like the tornado that swept the broads a number of years ago the chance that your holiday home will end up flying skyward is slim.

The luxury of some statics will surely have clients wanting to move into their holiday home full time, with open fires, separate rooms and full amenities these types of holiday home are no longer just cardboard boxes with a gas stove. They truly are a home in the realest sense and in some cases more comfortable than people's day to day homes.

It is not just static homes that are popular however, the use of sustainable timber supplies in the construction of holiday homes offer a more eco friendly type of lodge. Often located in beautiful surrounding scenery such as woodland, they are ideal for escapists. The serene tranquillity of these locations creates a perfect space to escape the rat race, albeit just for a weekend.

Holidaying within Britain is a far more eco-friendly form of tourism, without the need to fly and add to the effects of global warming; those with an environmental conscience will jump at the chance of having a holiday home within their nation. After all a holiday is not all about location, often just the opportunity to get away and spend quality time with loved ones is appealing in itself.

The trend that has seen an increased use of holiday homes within Britain has a variety of causes. The financial incentives are definitely there but also the improved comfort of statics and caravans can be seen as a contributing factor.