Differences Between Air And Travel By Car

by : Jim Brown

There has been considerable amount of discussion between travelers who wonder whether it is easier for people to travel by aircraft than it would be to travel by car. For air travelers, the most beneficial reason that they have found to travel by air than by car is the time it takes to get from one location to another. In some cases, travel by car might prove these people wrong because some people have rented cars and gotten to their destination faster than people on an aircraft.

Travelers by air can be delayed for many reasons. There might be ice on the wings of the aircraft that will cause some delays. These delays could cause cancellations of some flights when the ice storms turn into snow storms. When people travel by car they have many routes that they can choose to avoid bad snow storms. They also have a radio in the automobile that will alert them to any changes in weather conditions along their route.

Most airlines travel on a set schedule. Travelers that use cars can depart at any time that they like and stop wherever they like along the way. An air traveler will certainly miss out on beautiful landscapes and landmarks that are what made this nation great but they will generally be allowed to watch a movie in-flight if their flight is long enough to justify it.

The people that travel by automobile will generally be presented with a wide selection of foods to eat along their routes. Air travelers are lucky if a meal is served on their flight and will find that they are very lucky if they receive peanuts and a drink in the comfort of a very tight seat complete with seat belt. A person traveling by car can choose to stop, and eat at a leisurely rate without a seat belt in place.

Many people that travel by air are subjected to a great variety of smells. Hints of jet fuel may linger in the cabin or there might be a child nearby that has a diaper that needs changing. Some travelers by air have been on long business trips and have not had the opportunity to change into a fresh set of clothes. People that travel by car are rarely subjected to any of these inconvenient smells and they could open a car window to air the interior out should a baby diaper need changing without stopping at a rest stop.

Travelers by car will never have their luggage inspected or be asked to remove their shoes in order to gain entry into their automobile. Travelers by air are subjected to many searches and invasions of privacy and most will be prohibited from carry liquids and tools onboard an aircraft. People that travel by car can carry whatever they like on a trip and buy more things along the way if they choose. Arriving at a destination by car is far better for most people because they know what the mechanical condition of the automobile is and they are not really sure what the latest safety status is of the aircraft that people get on throughout the day.