Holidays To Frankfurt To Explore The Museums

by : Jessica Nielson

A holiday in Frankfurt is going to be interesting especially if you plan to explore the museums. The Museum of Communications is a very interesting museum with exhibits for different types of communications. The Applied Art Museum is another interesting museum with artworks from everywhere in the world. You will see handmade works, carvings and sculptures. These two museums are just a few of the places you can see in Frankfurt. There are other museums that are themed historical and specialty museums. One museum you should spend a little time at is the Museum fur Post und Kommunikation. This is just another communication museum, which has a few different exhibits from the other communications museum.

A spectacular museum is the open-air museum Ressenpark. The museum has about seventy buildings that house different exhibits. The buildings will show you about the life and history of Germany as well as how the people lived. The museum is considered a little village because of all the buildings. It is very interesting to tour, but you might want to spend a few days to make sure you see everything they have to offer. One day is just not enough time to see everything and live the experience through the displays.

Then there is the Jewish Museum and the specialty museum Struwwelpeter. These two places will show you some more history and they have beautiful displays throughout. The Senckenberg Natural History Museum is another day trip. It will take you through the history of the land from the beginning to the present times. Even though the museum is more about natural histories, everyone will enjoy the displays and interesting information that you do not always find in any books. Then you might stop at the art galley museum Liebieghaus, which is in a castle type looking building. You will see works from collections throughout the years.

Although you planned your holiday to Frankfurt for the interesting museums, you still need to have some fun outdoors in the fresh air. You could take a hike, bike tour or even climb to the top of some of the observation towers. Seeing the surrounding area from a different aspect other than the museums is another way to learn about the history, culture and customs of Germany. The weather is nice during the summer, but spring and fall are warm just as well.

The outdoors will prove quite interesting. The parks, the towers and the nature hikes are fascinating. You will see more in a week than you ever do where you live now. You can get out and explore different landscapes, but also try new restaurants and bars for a little different entertainment. The people are warm and hospitable, as one would expect from the Germans. They like their beer and having fun is something that everyone enjoys. Enjoy your cheap holidays to Frankfurt and experience life the way the locals do. You will have quite an experience. Just watch out for the German beer because it does taste good and goes down smooth.