Holidays in Benidorm - Enjoy a Spanish Holiday

by : Simon Johnson

Benidorm is in the north east of Alicante at a distance of about 45 km. It is known for its big buildings, beautiful beaches and lively nightlife. Benidorm is protected from the cold winds coming from the north, by the high mountains that surrounding it, which is why the weather condition remains cool throughout the year. Poniente and Levante are the two halves in which the city of Benidorm is divided. The percentage of tourists coming to Benidorm is the highest as compared to any other town in Spain.


The church of San Jaime is the most visited by the tourists from across the world. Visiting Benidorm Aquarium at Calle Horno can be full of excitement if you are interested in underwater activities. You can visit a variety of theme parks namely Terra Mitica Park, Mundomar Aquatic Park, and Aqualandia Park. Terra Miticas Park has a theme that is based on the ancient history and has Mediterranean civilization of Egypt, Greece, Iberia, and Rome.

At night, Benidorm comes alive with a large variety of nightclubs and discos around. You will also find different cafes, restaurants, and bars to choose from. You will find a mixture of different cultures coming from different parts of the world. You can find the bars from English to German and from Cuban to the very own Spanish, all parts of the world get united at Benidorm. There are a total of 800 caf?nd barss along with pubs and discos namely Pacha, KM, and KU. Enjoy some of the best cuisines at more than three hundred restaurants in the city and enjoy. Staying at Benidorm-

Benidorm has to offers some of the best hotels and apartments. You will find a variety of five star hotels and to spa resorts here. You can also visit some of the famous campsites. Majority of the chains of the hotels are managed by Spanish people. Make sure that you avoid coming to Benidorm during the summer time as you will face some problems finding a hotel room for yourself. As for the off-season, you can find a number of hotel rooms and that too at a competitive price.

Traveling Benidorm-

If you want to travel around Benidorm, Costa Blanca and Altea, then the best option suggested is traveling by car. You can avail services from more than fifteen car rental companies extending their services in Benidorm. When you arrive at Benidorm you can also take a bus or probably hire a car from the airport to Benidorm. The weather conditions remain just perfect even in the winters.


The two of the main languages spoken in Benidorm are Spanish and Velenciano. English is popularly spoken in Benidorm, the reason for this is that a large part of the population comprises of Irish and English people.