Luxury Bed and Breakfast Villa at Ocho Rios

by : Ben Thompson

Why not try a bed and breakfast villa in Ocho Rios instead of a hotel when you go to Jamaica you could be pleasantly surprised by the quality and the hospitality.

A luxury villa could be on your shopping list for your holiday to Ocho Rios in Jamaica this year. The Blue House could be well worth reading about, as it describes itself as a luxury bed and breakfast villa, and yet it offers luxury lodging accommodation and a high level of hospitality.

One of the difficulties when you are looking outside the grand five star all inclusive style hotel towards a small property like this, you can read so many descriptions. Words like bed and breakfast can prevent British people from looking further because of the connotations in English seaside resorts. Other descriptions include, lodging accommodation, Inn, Villa, Guest House, and whilst all of these names are true, none of the words are entirely accurate.

In many people's opinion The Blue House is a small hotel, which is also a luxury villa hotel, and a boutique hotel also. This is a whole lot closer to the truth, and yet it is also very much a bed and breakfast villa hotel, and a Luxury Guest House because this brings in the vital element of ownership, which automatically means fantastic hospitality.

Indeed even before you arrive, just dealing with Elise on the telephone, you can sense that you are about to be looked after in a way that is second to none.

It is so refreshing to be looked after like one of the family, because in modern soulless hotels, you can feel just like a number, and feel the staff couldn't care less, whereas at The Blue House you just feel special all the time, and every request is acted on quickly with a smile

The Blue House offers four very spacious, luxury air conditioned accommodations, The Upper Room Luxury Suite, The Sanctuary, Caribbean Dreams, and the Humming Bird Family Suite, and in addition The Cozy Cottage, which is a one bedroom cottage, ideal for a honeymoon, or for a couple seeking privacy, or even a small family.

The Blue House has Darryl's Kitchen which is the Inn's restaurant which not only offers breakfast , but a lunch and dinner package as well as a la carte dining.

The main concern that people have about The Blue House is that it will be a let down, after all the nice reviews that you can find online, but significantly not one person has really found a major failings. By all accounts the major plus point is the atmosphere and how well you are looked afterwards. Close behind is the simple luxury of the accommodation, rather re-emphasising the luxury villa angle, and the reasons it is really a bed and breakfast inn masquerading as a superb boutique hotel.

It isn't on a beach, it is a couple of miles out of town, but that just adds to its charm, because it is so nice to feel you have found a place other people haven't. It does take a different holidaymaker, not a package holidaymaker, more a traveller to find and enjoy The Blue House, and so you meet like minded people here, and that is great too.

The Blue House is an affordable vacation, a real luxury bed and breakfast hotel/villa/lodging. Call it whatever you will have a great affordable vacation here, perhaps even an outstanding one, so go for it.