Places to go This Family Break

by : Andrew Redfern

It can be difficult to find something to do that the entire family will enjoy when the school holidays approach. There is nothing more frustrating than watching the kids stay inside all summer watching television when the weather is beautiful outside! Many families choose to go away somewhere on their family breaks but want to find somewhere different than the amusement park they've been to six times now. Other families stay close to home but would like to have fun activities planned throughout the school holidays. Below are some ideas that you can do with the whole gang this family break!

If you do want to go away with the whole family, choose a place that is geared towards not only families but families that are looking for something to do on their vacation! There are many places that offer seven-night activity packages, where there is something different planned every day. Different activities included on these types of packages are bicycling, hiking, and white water rafting. Plan an adventurous holiday this year and everyone is sure to find something they like!

Go somewhere different yet wonderfully exotic by traveling to Egypt. Egypt is a great place to travel during school holidays. While you are surrounded by ancient history and deep culture, the entire family can be taken to a world that once was! Egypt has some of the finest cuisine available and you can relax and unwind in one of their stunning hotels. If you're still seeking some adventure when traveling to Egypt, book a trip on one of their wonderful safaris where you can travel the fields while watching some of nature's most breathtaking wildlife!

Of course not everyone wishes to leave their hometowns during school holidays because there are so many wonderful things to do there as well! Round up the family and head to the theatre! Catching a live show can be wonderful and you can all partake in the culture! Make it a tradition and have everyone see something that they like by rotating turns of who gets to pick the show you go to!

Taking the family to a museum can be a great idea as well for a family break. Don't take them to the same war museum that you've been to already on many past family trips; take them to a bug museum or a bat museum. Anything that is unique and different than anything you've done before will have a great impact on everyone in the family and it is bound to be one of the most memorable family breaks you'll ever have! However, if your family really is a bunch of war buffs, you may choose to take them to a war museum. Still put a twist on this and take them to a war reenactment museum! These places often have a battle in the field, using either very old, non-working weapons or using fake weapons. Sometimes, the soldiers will even travel back to their barracks to eat dinner and it is here that you will get a good idea of what life was really like in wartime.

Whatever you do this family break, make it original and something that will always be remembered as the most memorable family break ever!