Cultural Activities in Terengganu

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Terengganu’s Timeless Traditional

The rich culture of Terengganu is particularly evident in the graceful dance movements and hypnotizing music of the state.


o     Ulit Mayang

The Ulit Mayang is considered a cultural legacy of Terengganu. This mellow dance form which resembles a lullaby is commonly performed by the coastal Malay communities. Performed at night, 10 to 15 dancers form a circle while a head dancer or Adi sings poetic lyrics to invoke the blessings of a mythical being.


o     Tarian Bali

Tarian Bali is a dance associated with the worship of the rice or padi spirit. It is performed by the village damsels in Terengganu and their movements replicate the life of the padi planters. A colourful umbrella is positioned in the middle of the stage and the girls dance around the umbrella, which represents the padi spirit. During the dance, farming tools are brought along such as hoe, winnowing material, farmer’s hat and others. The dance is also accompanied by singing.


o     Rodat

With the use of small drum producing an infectious beat, the Rodat musicians perform love songs alongside colourfully attired male and female singing dancers.


o     Dikir Puteri

Performed by women seated in rows accompanied by the beatings of kompang and gong drums, the Dikir Puteri makes an entertaining and enjoyable show. It stars with a slow rhythmic chant, which rapidly accelerates to reach a crescendo.