Automation - Your Key to Business Efficiency

by : iwilliam99

The beauty of being a business owner is that you will eventually come to the point where you can choose to have someone else do a majority of the work for you while you laze around your pool all day (or start another business). For some entrepreneurs, what makes business ownership great is the opportunity to build the business and then hand it over to someone else to manage while continuing to reap the rewards.

One of the factors that separates successful businesses from mediocre or poorly performing businesses is the automation factor. Business owners - especially online business owners - should be looking to automate their work. In fact, they should be building that goal into their business plan and infrastructure from day one!

Automation is the best "next step" between doing everything yourself and getting someone else to manage it for you. Automation is getting the project or task to complete itself, allowing you to do something else. Automation allows you to have some tasks done without your sweat and labor and frees your time to do other important work.

So, how do you automate? Here are a few ideas to help you automate your online business:

- Look at the kinds of things you do during the day and try to identify areas that you don't like to work on or areas where you are constantly doing repetitive tasks. Very often, there are already computer programs available that can help you do those tasks such as contact managers, personal information managers and autoresponders.

- Automate your schedule. Rather than rewriting your to-do's each day, use a system like Microsoft Outlook to do a lot of the scheduling work for you.

- If you sell digital products sites use resources like ClickBank and Paypal. These will allow you to sit back and relax while they do repetitive work such as taking payments and downloading products to your customers. ClickBank also has its own affiliate program built-in so others can sell your products. Merchant account sites like PayPal let you accept payment without any work on your part. Compare that to the non-automated way of phoning in every credit card number... it's a great time saver!!

- Your "shopping cart" should be automated and linked to your online inventory. When some places an order, they pay and receive the goods and all you have to do is sit back and spend the money. Does your shopping cart manage your inventory for you? If not, find one that does and use it!

Using just a couple of these simple suggestions can save a great amount of time in managing your business. And running your business efficiently means more profit for you.