Boost Your Jewelry Business Income with Add-on Sales

by : j3wlbiz

How would you like an easy way to increase your jewelry business earnings by 10% or more?

If you can sell one small add-on item to go with nearly every customer purchase, your overall profits will increase dramatically. Add-on sales are items you sell to a customer who has just purchased something from you. This technique is also known as making "the sale after the sale", and it's a time-honored way for you to increase your jewelry business profits.

Most retailers add to their bottom line by offering you a related item of some sort to go with your purchase (such as hair care products to go with your haircut, a nicer pot to go with your new houseplant, or French fries to go with your hamburger).

To increase your profits, consider what related items you can offer to your customers - such as jewelry polishing cloths, chains or neckwires, earrings to match the necklace or bracelet they purchased, or an anti-tarnish jewelry pouch.

It's quite easy and natural to add on an item when the customer is excited about the purchase and still in a buying mood during the checkout process. As you're writing up the sale, suggest a related item, and mention how it enhances the item they just purchased and the benefits of owning it or giving it as a gift. Then ask the customer if they'd like you to add that in with their purchase. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how often their answer is "yes"!

It can be an almost effortless additional sale.

Just think of how an electronics-store cashier suggests that you purchase earphones to go with your brand new iPod, or a carrying case to hold your new digital camera. And how toy store cashiers always ask if you need batteries, no matter what you're buying.

You can use the add-on sales technique on your website too. Suggest options and accessories for each item on your site, either in the item description or in an option box. Consider offering jewelry polishing cloths or other jewelry care supplies at the customer checkout point on your site. Make it as easy as possible for customers to choose the extras along with their main purchase. You can also offer multiple-item discounts and combined shipping as incentives to purchase another piece of jewelry.

Would you like a removable pendant to go with that necklace? :o)