Imagine Your Sales Counter Explode in 5 Life Changing Steps

by : yaali786

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STEP 1 - Trust Your Website Visitors.

Test the "bill me later option" on your web site. Most people are honest and will pay you. It is a powerful little tactic and could increase your sales.

STEP 2 - Give Charity.

Find a charity your target audience would likely support. Tell people on your ad copy that you will give a percentage of the profits to that charity.

STEP 3 - Hold a Contest.

Hold a "buy the most wins contest" on your web site. Tell people each monthly winner will get their entire purchase refunded.

STEP 4 - Give them Something Valuable for FREE.

Attract visitors to your web site by offering them a free course. You could package the course on a follow-up autoresponder and send lessons daily.

STEP 5 - Promote Articles Containing Expert Interviews.

Interview people related to your industry and get their legal permission to convert it to an article. Promote your web site by submitting it to ezines.

One of the most difficult and time consuming tasks in this internet marketing world is having to continually get traffic and convert them to sales. Why not stick some weapons to your site that will pull in MORE profits to your site from your existing traffic?

These tricks when used on a consistent basis can pull in consistent traffic to your site and if you track them on a continuous basis you can easily figure out the exact sources that pull in continuous profits to your website.

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