Your 30-Second Commercial and What To Say Next

by : davis8325

Is your 30-second commercial or elevator speech powerful? Does it invite others to want to know more? Do you even have a 30-second commercial? How do you know if someone's really interested and wants to get more information? And what do you say next?

A 30-second commercial or elevator speech is a brief introduction of what you do. This is the start of a conversation to find out if someone wants to know more about what you do.

Whether you sell products in your home business, or whether you are looking for other distributors, it's important to take the time to create an interesting, but brief intro to your business.

So how do you create an effective 30-second commercial? First, realize that most people are dissatisfied with one or more of these areas:

1. Their finances
2. Amount of free time they have
3. Their job or current business
4. Their health

Taylor your 30-second commercial to hit one of those areas. Start with a question that addresses one of those key areas. "Do you know how concerned people are about making ends meet?" "Do you know how disappointed people are with never having enough time with their family?" "Do you know how people just don't have enough energy?"

Find a hot button that you know people struggle with. Then show them how you solve that problem. "Well, what I do is to help/show/work with people to...."

Let's say you meet Jane at a business mixer. The first thing to remember is to forget about YOU and learn about Jane. Ask her questions about her family, her job or business, how long she's been in that job, etc. Be sincerely interested in Jane, who she is and what she does. If you are, then in almost every situation, Jane will ask you what you do.

Instead of answering Jane in just one or two words, start by asking a question. "Do you know how frustrated people are with their jobs?...Well, what I do is to show people how to get out of the rat race and start their own fun, simple and profitable home business with a product people already love."

You can design your 30-second commercial around your product or service, or around your business opportunity. Either way, you are stating a common problem and then offering a solution through what you do.

Now, if Jane has no interest in what you do, she might say. "Oh." If she doesn't ask any questions, then either she has no interest in what you do, or your 30-second commercial wasn't powerful enough. If someone doesn't ask any other questions, that's your clue to move on to another topic of conversation.

However, if Jane can relate to what you've said, she'll probably say something like, "Really? What's your product?" or "Hmmm, how do you do that?" What you do next is critically important.

Do NOT start rattling off all the facts about how great your product, service or business is. Avoid getting so excited about your product and business that you start talking non-stop. At this stage, if you start giving detailed facts about every aspect of your product or business, you will turn people off very quickly.

Answer the questions directly but also ask Jane another question to learn more of her situation. By asking Jane questions you'll learn more about how you could really help her. If Jane asks you more questions, then the door is open to have a true conversation with her about your business.

Make sure that you keep the focus on HER and if your product or business could help her. Do not focus on "selling" her on your product or business. Just relax and listen for a way you can sincerely help. After talking for a few minutes, if there appears to be a genuine interest, ask if you can get together for about 30 minutes (by phone or in person) to give her all the details. That's the time for a complete presentation.

This all starts with an interesting 30-second commercial. Perfect yours and be able to say this in your sleep. Ask questions, listen more than you talk and keep the focus on how your product or business can solve an area of dissatisfaction for the other person.