Why Minisite Sales are Slowing Down

by : yaali786

Is your site converting well ? Are you making 3 sales out of every 100 visitors to your site ?

If not, here are 12 tips that can get you started improving your website conversion ratio.

This 12 step system will help you to increase your website profitability, increase your credibility and get your visitors to trust you.

Check it out...

1. Create a simple professional fast-loading minisite. Make sure that your minisite is not loaded with flash and bright attractive colors that will just confuse your visitors.

2. Your minisite must be loaded with high quality eye-catching graphics. Then plug a benefit laden text on your graphics.

3. Navigation system of your minisite must be absolutely simple. Put your main keywords in the links in your navigation bar.

4. Write a benefit laden headline. Your headline must include the biggest benefit that your product offers.

Other tactic is to stuff your headline with the biggest problem your target market is facing. And then hook them to check out the solution in your minisite.

5. Make sure you are providing your visitors what they want. Check out your site statistics to see how much time a visitor stays on your site.

6. Check out the keywords from where your website is receiving traffic. And optimize your site to perform better in the search engines.

7. Create a sitemap where you will link each and every page of your site. A search engine spider should index your entire site as soon as he visits your sitemap.

8. If you are selling an affiliate product, provide your honest review about the affiliate product. Sell them on the benefits that the product has given you.

9. Mask your affiliate links to get proper credit for the affiliate sale.

10. Redirect your error pages to your minisite. You can do this easily from your hosting account control panel such as cpanel. With this you will ensure that your traffic landing on the error pages are not wasted.

11. Create a 'contact us' or an 'about us' page on your site. Include your contact details out there including your phone number, fax number, email address, contact form, office address and your pic on the page.

With these details your visitors will trust you and can get their queries solved before purchasing your product.

12. Focus on collecting testimonials. Bribe your customers by giving them a free product if at all they send you an honest from the heart testimonial about your product. You will be amazed to see the number of testimonials you receive using this tactic.

Testimonials are power tools that will boost up conversion rates of your site as it increases your credibility and gets your visitors to trust you.

Once you apply these 12 simple steps you can watch your sales counter collecting more cash than it did before. But you've to start applying this system right NOW.