Microsoft Class Action Settlement

by : John Gall

Microsoft has settled a class action lawsuit with the state of Minnesota. Based on this settlement software purchased between May 18, 1994 and March 17, 2003 may be eligible for a voucher that will provide additional monies to the claimant upon proof of both software purchase and a qualifying hardware or software purchase after July 1, 2004. Windows or MS-DOS software is worth a $15.00 voucher while Microsoft Office and Excel is worth $23.00 Word, Works Suite, and Home Essentials 97 or 98 is only worth $9.00

The way it works:

To submit your claim visit and file a claim either as an individual or business using either a standard form or a volume license form. If you are lucky you will be filing an volume license form. Simply fill in the information related to your company and a Claims Administrator will do all the research for you. They will let you know which of your open or select license purchases qualify for the settlement voucher. Based on this you will receive the vouchers you are entitled to. If you have already purchased qualifying hardware or software after July 1, 2004 you can submit the proof of purchase with your settlement form. This will save you time as you will receive a check from Microsoft based on these purchases. Future purchases and be re-submitted for money based on the vouchers you received.

If you are filing a standard form you must supply product ID and purchase information. As with the volume license process you then receive vouchers which can be redeemed for hardware purchases made after July 1, 2004. If your claim is for five or fewer items and the value is less than $100.00 you can fill out the on-line claim form. You will need to have your product ID's available to complete the form. All claim forms must be submitted on or before February 25, 2005

What's a qualifying hardware or software purchase?

Qualifying hardware includes new desktop laptop or tablet computers. It also includes printers, scanners, monitors and even keyboards and pointing devices.

Qualifying software is any non-custom software which is used on qualifying hardware.

This brief article is only to serve as a quick read guide to obtaining your settlement. For all forms and detailed information please visit the official settlement site at Here you will find all necessary forms and detailed instructions on filling out the forms. Be sure to read all forms and their instructions carefully to ensure you are providing the correct information regarding your claim.