Hop Up Your Ride with a little Flash and Strategy

by : David S. Brooks

To get maximum performance from your late-model hot rod, you need to employ a little strategy. Today’s vehicles are run by on board computers that control anything and everything. These complex electronics make old-time performance mods like re-jetting carburetors or timing advances a thing of the past.

One look under the hood of a modern machine pretty much sums it up. You can’t even see the spark plug wires, let alone find a carburetor to re-jet. So, what’s a modern hot rodder to do? Go straight to the power source and start tweaking the on-board computer.

Now, if visions of computer nerds playing War Craft and gulping 64oz. bladder busters from 7-11 just entered your head, don’t worry. You won’t have to hack your car’s computer or even touch it. The performance tuning industry has made it easier than ever to hot-rod your ride.

Electronic tuning is by far the most effective way extract massive power gains from your vehicle. For only a few hundred bucks and less time than it takes to change you wiper blades, any armchair wrench can accomplish what used to take an entire weekend of knuckle busting to accomplish.

Now, you don’t even need to pop the hood to realize stuck-in-your-seat power and torque gains. In fact, it’s as easy as plugging in a common household appliance. Just sit in your driver’s seat and plug in your programmer—instant power.

The leading name in vehicle tuning right now is SCT. These guys are a bunch of speed freaks who defected from another major tuner brand to start their own gig. They make tuners for many vehicles but they specialize in the blue oval. SCT is the way to go if you wanna eat a few Chevys and spit out any Mopars that get in your way.

For an quick 10% boost in power, the SCT Strategy Flash Device is electronic tuning at its best. Just plug the Flash Device into your OBD-II port and prepare for launch. The unit’s buttons allow power to be adjusted up or down, alter air-fuel maps and check and clear trouble codes. Plus, the tuner even returns your vehicle back to the factory settings, if you can stand to!

SCT’s other performance tuner is the Livewire. This superconductor delivers a shocking amount of power and torque with a bunch of extra features that come in handy for the backyard tuner. The Livewire is updateable through your PC over the internet. And, it features a fuel savings mode which comes in handy in these dark days of sky-rocketing gasoline prices.

Their reputation as a leading electronic tuner comes from SCT’s years of road and track experience. Their race-winning legacy is packed into every product they sell and they provide tech support that’s second to none. So, when you’re ready to put some punch behind your blue oval, check out SCT.

SCT’s two most popular products are the SCT Livewire and SCT strategy flash device. Some vehicle’s can use either, some use one or the other. Either way, you can expect nasty torque and horsepower gains with a simple touch of a button. - David S. Brooks