Jet Performance Chips

by : David S. Brooks

No matter how you drive, it makes sense to plug one of these babies into your vehicle's OBD-II port. Whether you're into towing, hauling, racing or spirited commuting, a programmer delivers huge jumps in everyday driving excitement. Not to mention that tapping into all this extra power and torque can also increase fuel mileage.

When you're ready to unleash the beast under your hood, check out Jet Performance. With a performance module or programmer from Jet, every trip becomes a high-powered adventure. It's simple; plug-in the Jet Performance programmer, fasten your seatbelt and prepare for take off. And don't forget, smoking IS allowed on this flight-as long as it's billowing from your tires!

For hassle free tuning, go for Jet's Power Control Module. Simply plug the device into your vehicle and let Jet do the rest. The PCM's electronics retune signals from your vehicle's on-board computer to optimize air/fuel ratio, spark timing, transmission shift points, horsepower and torque. No tuning is involved-only easy-to-install driving excitement.

For you drivers who like to get more "intimate" with your ride, the Jet Performance Programmer is for you. Just like modules, Jet programmers plug into your vehicle to unearth the power and torque buried at the factory. The difference lies in the user interface. A programmer puts the power to tweak and tune your ride right in the palm of your hand. Plus, if you decide to leave the tuning to the pros, Jet programmers include pre-loaded tunes guaranteed to elevate your heart rate.

With simple-to-use tuning products delivering this much performance, it's no wonder that Jet is recognized by many drivers as the number-one tuner in the industry. From racers to commuters, everyone appreciates the Jet Performance advantage. Check out what enthusiasts on the internet are saying about Jet:

"The programmer is EXELLENT. Definatly worth your money. Easy installation, you will have more power in no time!"

"The Jet chip performed better than I expected, acceleration wise. I havent gotten the expected increase in gas milage as hoped for. This is a Dodge V-10, well now maybe a V-11 now. Over all a good buy, thanks"

"This was worth the money just for the DTCs. However, I did noticed a "peppiness" in power, now if I could keep my foot out of the gas. Running regular I figured a 1mpg increase. My next tank I'm going to program for premium and refigure the mpg...."