Indian Car Rentals - A Sunrise Industry

by : pranav

In India, car rentals are the buzzword. The offers, compares with the best in the industry anywhere in the world. With the packages ranging from economy to the higher end , the car rentals in India is slowly but surely catching on the missed opportunities in the tourism sector. A major portion of revenues earned by the industry comes from the cheap car rentals India can afford. Due to cheap labor and extremely competitive market conditions, the car coach rentals in India are bound to be on a lower side. In a one-on-one with the world's reputed car rental agency, in India you will find the rates extremely competitive.

The rise of the car rental agencies in India has a lot to thank to the proactive measures adopted by Indian Tourism Ministry. During the past 5 years or so, the tourism ministry is actively soliciting the industry's inputs about improving the tourist inflow in the country. Resultantly, these past years have witnessed a quantum jump in the number of tourists coming in the country. With a vast tourism potential, the geography of the country puts the onus back on the authorities. And as an obvious corollary, car rental bookings in the country have sent cash registers ringing for the car rental agencies.

The policy of 'Atithi Devo Bhava' (Guest is God), adopted by the tourism authorities means an increasing thrust on improvement in the service being offered to the tourists. Car rental industry is a part of the booming tourism sector that has shaped the careers of many entrepreneurs. Along with the overall hike in the tourist inflow, India is also witnessing the boom in the medical tourism sector. With cheap medical services on offer, the people from the West have started finding merit in visiting the country that serves twin purposes of treatment and tourism.

The car rental agencies, in their turn, have devised various attractive schemes to lure the customers. From economic plans to the high end luxury car hire plans, these agencies have gone out of their way to offer the best deals to the clients. The cars on offer range from small SUVs to MUVs to HUVs with the option of chauffeur. Of course, the more facilities you avail, the cost increases proportionately. But even if you opt for the costliest package available, you'll still end up paying a lot less as compared to the charges in your home country.