Indian Traffic News from the Big Centre

by : tapan

Planning to visit India for holidays? Scared of the lawless traffic situation in the country? Here's some good news. The country is considered as top tourist destination by different rating agencies. And the is not too bad in the big centers. Here's a quick lowdown on what to expect from the big centers and some tips on how to tackle the rush hour.

Delhi Traffic News

Delhi, the national capital, is notorious for road rage. But the long flyovers and Delhi Metro Rail are the face-savers as far as traffic is concerned. If planning to visit distant places in India, always prefer Metro Rail. It is fast, safe, clean and cheap.

Mumbai Traffic News

The latest reveals much dependency of people on local transport. With the city hosting most working class citizenry in the country, travel seems cumbersome in the city. Try to avoid rush hours, i.e., early mornings and late evenings in Mumbai. The city also boasts of the most organized traffic in the country despite the occasional cases of road rage involving VIPs.

Chennai Traffic News

Chennai represents typical South Indian traffic. As in any other major center, Chennai also bears the burden of loads of traffic. While in Chennai, try to avoid the peripheral roads. The main central roads joining major commercial centers are still lot better to manage.

Kolkata Traffic News
Kolkata road network is the oldest in the country. The city is notorious for the most slow traffic movement in the country. With trams, you have the cheapest mode of transportation but these are excruciatingly slow. However, their nostalgic value is unparalleled. To move a little swiftly, try out the Metro Rail.

Bangalore Traffic News

The Indian Silicon Valley was never meant to be a hi-tech city. With the city fast moving into a developed zone, the road infrastructure is certainly not up to the mark. The potholed roads are ever too common in Bangalore. But things are looking brighter with government feeling the need to represent Bangalore as an ideal IT destination.

Gurgaon Traffic News

This satellite township of Delhi is relatively modern in its outlook. With fast developing industrial and commercial centers all around the city, things are relatively smooth on the traffic front.

Finally, always remember to keep yourself updated on all the latest traffic news from India if you are planning to visit the country in the future. A little planning always helps!