Preparing Your Car For Shipping

by : ilaviny

If you've received your car transport estimates and have selected a car transport service there are some preparations you need to take before your car shipping company comes to pick up your car or when you leave it at the car shipping service's terminal.

Take these steps ahead of time to minimize potential problems that could arise while your car is being shipped:

Unless you are shipping a non-operating car or truck, like an antique automobile, and your car shipping service knows about it, have your car serviced ahead of time so that it will start, stop and roll like it's supposed to.

Check your car's fluids, battery charge and air pressure in the tires.

Secure or remove any bolted on accessories, like roof racks, extra mirrors, air dams, spoilers, etc.

Lower or remove all antennas. If you have an E-Z pass device remove it before shipping.

Thoroughly wash the car and clean the interior. If shipping the car overseas, have the undercarriage washed. The destination country may require it.

Have any fluid leakage problems corrected. If you car is leaking fluid, make sure the car shipping service knows about it in advance and that the driver is aware of it so your car doesn't get placed above another car in transit and damage it.

Don't leave this item until the last minute.

Provide a full set of keys to your car shipping service. If you need to make additional keys, do so ahead of time and make sure they all work.

If you're moving the car to an area with harsh weather, get it ready by having the air conditioning serviced, the antifreeze protection increased, or by using the proper viscosity oil for the new climate. Remove all personal items from your vehicle. Shipping personal effects inside a car that's being shipped is against the law in the US and the car shipping service can get fined. Additionally, personal effects in your car general don't have much if any insurance coverage and you are exposing them to the risk of theft.

The only thing you should leave in the car is the jack and the spare tire.

Try to leave no more than a quarter tank of gas in the car when it's picked up for shipment or dropped off at the car shipping service's location. Safely empty any RV propane tanks.

If your car has an alarm, disable it to prevent if from accidentally going off while your car is in