Covercraft - Premium Car Covers For Elite Car Owners

by : David S. Brooks

Covercraft's experience has earned them a reputation as one of the world's most respected names in car covers. In fact, Covercraft is the proud recipient of many industry awards. These include prestigious recognitions by the world's premier automakers, including the Ford Motor Company. It is no accident that Covercraft is a top name in the car cover business.

The highest-quality materials and flawless designs go into every Covercraft product, earning them the respect of the entire automotive community. From protecting priceless collector vehicles to defending daily drivers from parking-lot dings and UV rays, Covercraft is the recognized leader.

Covercraft's lineup includes covers for nearly every type of vehicle. They also offer products like car bras, tonneau covers, and sunshades-all built to the same Covercraft quality standards. Covercraft manufactures all of their products to meet and exceed customer expectations, and they've been doing it for over 40 years.

Pride goes into everything Covercraft makes, so expect to find "Covercraftsmanship" in every product they produce. And, to find a huge selection of
Covercraft products shipped right to your door, there are many online shops that provide their quality products.

Below are a few Covercraft user comments that I was able to find searching the web:

"We recently purchased the Covercraft Sunbrella Extreme Car Cover. My husband just purchased his dream car, a Corvette. The cover came about 2 weeks ago and so far we love it. We live on the water where the weather conditions are harsh so we wanted the car to be protected from the elements, and at the same time be easy to put on. Well, the cover came about 2 weeks ago and we love it! It is soft yet durable, fits perfectly, and is SUPER EASY to put on. It gets quite windy here and so far we have had no problems with the wind blowing it off. We did purchase the lock but haven't had to use it yet. This cover is a hit with us. Thank you!"

"The cover is a perfect fit for my new 2007 Escalade. It's easy to put on and offers great protection from the California sun. I would recommend it in a heart beat."

"We bought this cover after researching various sites selling such products -- our son is taking his heavily modified RX-7 (FD3S) to Scottsdale, AZ, where the heat and sun are intense. We are very impressed with the fit, color, locking capability and general craftsmanship. It is truly a wonderfully made product!"

"This is the third or fourth car cover I have purchased. It is by far the most expensive, and after using it for a coupel of weeks I see why. The fit and protection are spectacular. This cover is also the bulkiest one I've owned, but understand that it is covering a 22 foot pickup truck. The warranty on this product is the longest avaialable; and you can see why they warrant these products this long from their quality appearance. I would recommend the Sunbrella to anyone."

Shop online for a car cover from Covercraft. Covercraft Car Covers are top-end covers that protect your vehicle to the fullest. - David S. Brooks