Top 7 Reasons To Become A Defensive Driver

by : whykillthekittens

Why should you bother reading this article, well I know the topic isn't fun in fact it makes me sleepy remembering my first driving class but there is some information here that could save your life and save you some money.

OK as you probably already figured the number one reason to be a defensive driver is because it increases you chance of living I don't want to get into the number of traffic deaths because that stuff is just so sad but anyways when you learn to drive defensively you help yourself and others. Now of course you can't control how other drive but you can control how you react and how fast you react. When you a defensive driver you should become free from road rage, which leads us to the next reason.

Reason number 2 to become a defensive driver is it should create one less maniac on the roads. If you practice defensive driving you will begin to see things about to happen before they do kind of like you will be come a clairvoyant of the road.

Since you will know how to react according with your practice it should cause you less frustration which should prevent road rage and we all know what happens with road rage and it's not pretty.

As a side note if you think about it you are hurting your self in so many ways with road rage stress which leads to some many altercations, if you get in an "accident" out of rage it will drive you insurance rate up which will cause you to have less money which then will cause more stress can you see were I'm going, not to mention your rage could turn to instant death or debilitation,

Reason number three to practice defensive driving. At the end of that past paragraph insurance was mentioned well I let you think about this one, if you take your defensive driving certificate to you insurance agent what do you think is more likely to happen insurance rate go up or insurance rate go down.

OK did you figure it out great if not re-read that first part for eternity. Now that your insurance is down and you have less stress more money and a better chance of survival what else could there be.

So I bet you want to be a defensive driver now and help the road world be a better place well I'm happy for you just remember were you seat belt or else all these stuff is useless.

By the way there are many defensive driving courses on line some are boring but there is one that is made to be funny and interesting the courses range from 30-100 dollars. If you want to become a better driver, reduce points on your license or get a lower insurance rate I would recommend taking a defensive driving course.