Tips For Buying A Used Car

by : mack4232

Buying a car is the second most expensive purchase, after a house. It is therefore important to consider budget and the main purpose that you will put your car too. Are you going to use it for shopping trips and family outings or are you going to be out on the road alot. If youclock up lots of those gas guzzling miles every year a diesel engine car is worth considering Reliability and maintenance are also important considerations. Although, ultimately the make, the model and condition of car you purchase will be determined by your budget,therefore look at your needs, and see if your budget will allow for them. Also look at reliable consumer research periodicals, that have tested different makes and models of car for reliability, safety and cost of ownership.

It is advisable to do your homework first, whether buying from a car lot or a private seller, so you do not pay over the odds because you had no idea of the true value of what you have bought. This can be done quiet easily by looking through different magazines and other publications selling cars. cars of the same make and model should have a similar sale price.

If you are considering a used car ,then it is advisable to pay a small fee to get an inspection by a qualified person, this is money well spent to avoid any costly repairs afterwards. A well looked after car will have a service record, be diligent and check the service record thoroughly, get intouch with the garage that serviced the vehicle to make sure it is genuine. Also have 'hire purchase' check to make sure there are no outstanding payments left on the vehicle.

If you cannot get hold of qualified person to look the vehicle over for you, then there some very simple and basic checks you can make yourself. Look for rust on the bodywork and chips in the paintwork. Inside check the seats are not ripped or have excesive wear and tear, check to see the foot pedals and steering wheel are all consistent with milage and age of vehicle.

It is important that you take a test drive of the actual car you are buying. test drive it properly and make sure the vehicle is safe, check to make sure the brakes work properly and are not worn or leaking any fluid. Finally think carefully before making the final decision, make sure it is logical and not impulsive.Ideally test drive a few different cars before handing your hard earned cash over. good luck.