Designer Car Interiors - Car Seats & Covers

by : Vickster

Why choose to use a seat cover? Designer seat covers are available from various suppliers, they all have significant modifications in fit, construction, style and price

Caring for your car seats by using a cover is probably the most overlooked aspect of maintaining your cars appearance, not to mention the value.

Most of us will simply run the hoover over the interior once a month if that, and before long the wear and tear will undoubtedly begin to show. This will rapidly devalue the vehicles worth.

Applying seat covers will keep your seats in mint condition, saving them from unnecessary accidental damage and long term wear.

Many companies offer designer car interiors which incorporate bespoke seat covers.
You can choose from a huge range of materials including denim, sheep skin & silk. The ideal seat cover will fit so well to the vehicles original seats it will be mistaken for the original upholstery.

Not only is the seat cover used as protection, but it can be modified for comfort and style. Furthermore there are companies that will offer designer embroidery enabling you to promote your business, dedicate to your loved one, or create your own wacky art design!

If you are an intrepid outdoorsman you can purchase heavy duty waterproof seat covers and boot liners to protect your upholstery so those fishing and camping trips wont end with you spending the whole of the next day scrubbing your seats clean. Simply pull the covers off and throw them into the washing machine.

Many seat covers are stain resistance, machine washable and waterproof and also make allowances for arm rests and recliner wheels, what ever your requirement or style is you will be able to find a car seat cover for your needs.

Making the right choice when buying a child seat

The first thing to consider when buying a baby car seat is safety! The seat must be appropriate for your baby's size and weight. It must also fit correctly into your car. Most retailers are more than happy to give a demonstration and test the seat in your car before you buy.

Even children up to the age of eleven who are not five feet tall must use a child seat of some sort.

Once you have decided on a particular car seat make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions to the letter. Always allow enough time as fitting a child seat can be very frustrating. Also when it comes to strapping your child in the straps are tight enough to stop the child wriggling free but not too tight to cause the child injury or discomfort. Always give the straps a tug to make sure the seatbelt has locked.

Child Seat Age and Weight Guide

Baby Seats
Babies weighing up to 13kgs and from birth up to one year should be fitted with a baby seat. Baby seats must face backwards and can be installed in either the front or back seats providing the front is not fitted with an airbag.

Child Car Seats
Child car seats are for children aged 9 months to four years. The child must be able to support their own head and weigh between 9 and 18kgs. They face forward and are normally fitted in the back seat of the car.

Booster Seats and Cushions
These types of seats are for children weighing 15 to 36kgs aged approximately 4 to 11 years old. They are primarily designed to elevate the child in order they can safely use an adult seat belt.

Finally and one of the most important aspects to remember is not to get distracted by your child whilst driving. Many accidents are caused from the parent turning round to deal with a child whilst continuing to drive. In the event the child needs attention pull over to a safe location before dealing with the situation.