How To Make Sure You Get The Most Money When You Sell Your Car

by : teahupoo

So you have decided to sell your car. There are some things that you should know to be sure that you don't leave money on the table when you do sell it. To be sure that you receive the most money possible there are some steps you should take that go past just placing an ad in the local mullet wrapper. Here are some ideas to help you out.

As an internet marketer who makes his living online I have to go here first. The internet is the most complete source you will find for information on any subject and selling your car is definitely no exception to this. You will be able to find online car clubs for just about any type of vehicle and they will usually have forums and message boards you can participate in just by signing up. Don't just register with their boards to sell your car though, these online communities consider such parasitical behavior as spamming.

You can also use the internet to see what vehicles like yours should sell for. One source that has all vehicle values listed with the valuations customized for your particular area is Kelly Blue Book. Another source that I like to use is the online auction giant, eBay. Their eBay Motors Division has the largest online auction source of cars, trucks, SUVs and more. You can see what vehicles in the same condition as yours are currently selling for.

Another great place that you can find locally is a car club for your particular vehicle. If you own a sports car, classic, Jeep, or some other specialty type vehicle you will probably be able to find a club for it in your area. People who belong to these clubs are not only enthusiasts who know everything about the vehicles but most of them also know people who might be looking for a car like yours, especially if it is in really pristine condition or is considered a rare version.

Many of these clubs will have their own newsletters or even magazines that they will sell advertising space in. Placing an advertisement directed at such a targeted audience will get you the best results. Another place to run targeted advertising is in automotive publications such as the Auto Trader. People who read these are in the market to buy a vehicle.

Talk to local mechanics about your car. They are like the local gossip column when it comes to cars. They usually know of people that are looking for particular cars and can give you advice on where to find them. If not they can direct you to more local resources that may be able to help you sell your car.

Finally, before you sell your car invest a hundred bucks or so in having is professionally detailed. This is money well spent. A professional detailer will be able to make your vehicle look like new. Be sure to have the engine compartment steam cleaned as well when you have this done. This one step will drastically increase the amount of money you get for your car.