Ethos FR and the Olympics?

by : amydh03

Alright, Ethos Fuel Reformulator (FR) is a 3 in 1 product that helps save fuel and oil, decrease engine wear, and decrease emissions . So, what does that have to do with the 2008 Olympics in China? I'll have more on that further on, first I will explain what Ethos FR really is.

Ethos FR reformulates any fuel, causing two important benefits. The first benefit is added lubricity to the engine. The second benefit of Ethos FR is adding cleansing properties to the fuel. All of the internal components of the engine benefit from added lubricity and cleansing properties, from the fuel lines to spark plugs and injectors. It also conditions the engine seals so they stay tight longer. A cleaner, more lubricated engine runs smoother and requires less maintenance. Ethos FR also removes carbon deposits that cause fuel to combust incompletely, resulting in wasted fuel and toxic emissions.

Ethos FR is a combination of esters suspended in a mineral oil base. Esters are responsible for the smell of many fruits and vegetables. The smell of wintergreen is due to its ester. Beeswax and other waxes are also composed of esters. An ester is made by reacting an acid with an alcohol resulting in an ester and water. In Ethos FR, a group of low molecular weight esters cleans the dirty deposits from the engines. A group of higher molecular weight esters lubricates the engine surfaces as the fuel runs through.

Hundreds of millions of miles of road tests have proven that commercial fleets average 7% to 19% increase in fuel mileage and reduce emissions by 30%. Ethos FR has been proven to be a cost effective way to help industry meet environmental regulations and increase fuel efficiency.

That brings me back to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China (and the World Cup in 2010 in Shanghai). Both cities plan to use Ethos FR in city buses and other vehicles to reduce emissions and make the air cleaner for visitors during these events. The air quality regulations in China are comparable to the 1950's, so Ethos FR will make a huge difference.

Allied Waste Industries, the second largest trash collection company in the nation, also uses Ethos FR. They have been adding it to their truck fuel for three years and are "absolutely sold on it", according to their general manager. They have reduced emissions from their trucks by 65%. They even received the Earth Day Corporate Award two years ago, crediting Ethos FR.

Ethos FR is an easy and economical way to save fuel and help the environment. It has been tested and proven. Many companies around the world rely on Ethos FR everyday.