What Is Up With Speeding Tickets?

by : teahupoo

If you are like me you have probably noticed an increasing number of people pulled over for speeding in the last few years, if you've been lucky you weren't one of them. I know in my area in Northwest Florida I see several people pulled over everyday, you would think we could use some of the money to repair the beaches from last year's hurricane damage. We also see more and more panel trucks and semis being stopped by DOT officers. So why is this going on?

Well, for starters just like other security areas, since September 11th of 2001 many municipalities have increased their patrols to watch out for suspicious activity and suspicious vehicles. Another reason is that for many departments traffic tickets are an easy way to generate revenue and it cannot be said that it is politically motivated like some tax issues are. Some small towns take in most of their government budget through speeding tickets and other traffic citations. This kind of brings "The Dukes of Hazard" to mind to me where the small deputies were always trumping up some charges against the Duke boys.

Even if you are the type of person who hasn't received a ticket in years you are more at risk now than ever to be stopped with the increased enforcement and lower tolerances of the officers enforcing traffic laws. I had a friend who was pulled over last week for driving five miles over the speed limit!

If you drive a company car this can affect your livelihood since most insurance companies that provide insurance for company vehicles have limitations on how many points you may have accumulated before they remove you from coverage.

As the parent of a teenage boy who just started driving I can tell you that insurance coverage is already expensive just to insure them to drive. Just one speeding ticket or other moving violation could increase it by as much as 50% for as long as the violation is on their record. To make matters worse, even if he is a perfect driver he will not receive any consideration from insurance companies until he turns 23, the age at which they stop automatically figuring him at a risk.

If you do get a ticket check to see if you can take traffic school to remove the points. There are many online companies that offer this. Just got to the search engine you like and input "traffic school" in the search bar.