A Guide to Motorhomes

by : hunter

Class A Motorhome
A totally custom motorhome body mounted on a chassis supplied by a truck manufacturer. Normally, these are the most expensive motorhomes. A purpose built body with incorporated cab offers the utmost spaciousness and typically includes beds which can be left permanently made up such as an over cab 'pull-down' double bed above the front seats

Class C Motorhome
A custom motorhome body mounted on a conventional chassis and cab supplied by a truck manufacturer, usually with a fixed in place bed or storage area over the cab, although this space can sometimes be too claustrophobic for adults as headroom is restricted and may be more suitable for children. This style of motorhome is also known as C-Class. The manufacturer uses the chassis & cab of the base vehicle and builds a new body onto the back of it; these make up the largest proportion of motorhomes at present although A Class ownership numbers are rising fast. The part of the body extending over the cab is known as the 'over-cab' or 'luton'. An alternative, called a 'low-profile' has a much smaller over-cab space that is used purely for cabinets & storage purposes

This is a small motorhome with either a fixed roof or an elevating. Broken down as follows, High Top - The option motorhome, which takes the whole of a kombi base vehicle, kits it out with an assortment of necessary fixtures and fittings and then adds standing room via a high roof.

Elevating Roof
The elevating roof motorhome also uses the equivalent kombi base vehicle to the "high top" and has a similar layout and equipment. The roof can be raised when on site to allow the use of the available standing room and then lowered for traveling and storage.

5th Wheeler
An extension on the front of the motorhome section extends over the tow vehicle, and usually mounts onto a turntable, or "wheel" - hence the name "5th Wheeler