Buying A Car From Online Car Auction Sites

by : marclindsay

So what's the difference between an online car auction and an offline car auction?

Traditional car auctions are actually more time consuming than online car auctions. You have to actually be at the auctions site to place a bid. Therefore you should live locally or you should travel there. Next you have to register yourself and then spend time browsing the auction floor to see if there's anything that interest you. And if there's nothing then you've just wasted your entire day and trip getting to the auction.

Normal car auctions usually go through a bidding process and the items goes to the highest bidder. The bidding process can often be heart wrenching and because you get emotional you tend to go over your maximum bid price.

One of the major benefits of buying at an actual car auction is that you get to inspect the car physically before you place you bids and you get to test drive it once you've bought it to ensure that the car is not a dud. Some people require a more interactive form of auction so an online auction might not be well suited.

The main difference with a traditionally auction and an online car auctions the fact that you don't have to actually be at the auction site. You only have to be in your home on your comfortable chair. The next major difference is that you inspect the car when it arrives at your destination. So you don't have the benefit of checking the car before you buy it however if you do buy a car online you have the benefit of inspecting the car when it arrives and you'll be guaranteed from the online auction site that if the car has been misrepresented in any way or differ from the description from their website you can exercise your rights and get your money back. So you don't really risk much at all. Purchasing cars only has been made safer through the years.

So here are the benefits of online car auction sites.

? Shop when its convenient to you
? Search, find and compare prices on all cars and on all websites
? Manage your bids at your own time
? No travelling to auction sites that might be hundreds of miles away from you
? Get a great deal on shipping fees
? All information on the car and images are ready for you to inspect
? Guarantee from online auction site that if the car is misrepresented you can send it back
? Buy a car that's cheaper than dealer rates

If you buy a repossessed car or an ex government car you can get an even better deal. Look around and you'll find these deals on the web. Just be patient and do your research carefully.