Canopy Tanning Beds

by : flashni

Having your own tanning bed in your home can actually help you keep your sanity! We all know we could use a few extra moments to ourselves, and tanning is great for that. So are canopy tanning beds the answer?

Come take a moment to enter my world. It's probably a lot like yours, actually. A house with a few bedrooms, furniture collected from all over the place, kids and toys galore, and a small corner for you.

After hearing all about the negative effects of tanning beds, I'm here to give you the positive news. But with all our stuff around, how can we find the space to enjoy a new tanning bed?

Advantages Of A Canopy Bed

Canopy beds allow you to have the same benefits from tanning with a normal bed using up less space and time in your home. The curved canopy of the Wolff bed will allow you to get a full tan just like you would in a general tanning bed. Plus, the canopy will adjust to meet your specific height, and you can choose to tan on one side if you need to even out your tan!

Additionally, canopy beds are fully mobile. Rather than having to set up a separate space in your house for your tanning bed, you can simply pull your canopy bed out of the corner when you need it.

Since you aren't in a closed bed, you can keep an eye on your kids. Wolff's great beds offer features allowing you to use a fan and plug your bed into a standard 120-volt circuit.

Tanning in a canopy bed can help you tan and release all the stresses of your day without taking up a ton of your time, space, or money.