Get The Cold Hard Facts About Treadmills

by : twinpeak

The great attraction of a home treadmill is being able to exercise whenever you want to, regardless of the weather. A treadmill can be set up in front of a TV or plug it in to your headphones. You can read a book or watch over the kids while you work out on a treadmill.

The belt or deck is the area on which the actual running or walking takes place. With treadmills you need to watch out for the impact involved when your feet hit the belt; your body absorbs up to two and a half times your body weight. Treadmills can have an AC or a DC powered motor.

Some excellent features, like heart monitors and safety keys that automatically stop the treadmill if you slip, will contribute to the enjoyment and safety of your treadmill workout or help add motivation. Most treadmills come with an electronic console that displays workout feedback such as speed, distance traveled, time you've been working out and calories burned. The newest models of treadmills come with many extra features.

Using a heart rate monitor enables a treadmill to automatically adjust the speed and/or the incline to keep your heart rate within the most optimum zone. Many of the treadmills available have the ability to add an incline to your workout to duplicate running or walking uphill, therefore increasing the intensity of a workout. Notice that some treadmill heart rate monitors clip onto an ear or, for more accurate readings, strap on to the chest.

The more expensive treadmill models will also offer a selection of preprogrammed exercise routines. Less expensive treadmill models require you to manually change the incline, which can be very frustrating if you want to make adjustments midway through a workout session.

If you plan to use a treadmill purely for walking you are not likely to need an expensive top-of-the-line machine. If you're looking for a heavy-duty treadmill that can withstand running as well as walking, be prepared to spend more money. You'll want a treadmill with an aluminum or high alloy steel frame that's strong enough to support the heaviest runner who'll be using it.

When planning your purchase always take into account any other members of your family or roommates who'll be using your treadmill. You'll probably want to buy a unit with a motor that delivers 1.5 to 3 continuous horsepower. Do your research; treadmills are an important investment, regardless of the price, and if it's not right for you, you don't want to find out after you've set the treadmill up at home.

Commercial club treadmills are reliable and well constructed; do look into a home version. Check out the level of noise that a treadmill makes during operation; something that many buyers overlook. A noisy treadmill can upset other family members or roommates and even your neighbors if you live in an apartment or condo.

When buying a treadmill, the best savings will be for an online purchase, generally saving up to 45% over brick and mortar stores. It's best to get a treadmill that has a warranty that lasts for at least a year. Make sure to check out the warranty, this is very important. Most manufacturers of commercial treadmills found in gyms and health clubs also produce home versions.

As you increase your fitness levels, a quality treadmill will continue to assist your exercise needs as you progress to light jogging or to running. Running or walking on a treadmill can be an effective way to workout compared to other complex cardiovascular exercises.

Treadmills provide one of the best ways to improve cardiovascular fitness. Walking, whether on a treadmill or not, is one of the best approaches anyone can take toward fitness.

Choosing the best treadmill is easier than ever. Spend some time shopping around; work out exactly what you need, and then shop online and offline for the best price. Take time to do your research, the same way you would any major purchase and buying a treadmill won't be difficult.