Home Gyms - Work Out Without Paying Dues

by : earlyretirement

Home gyms are becoming increasingly popular as new technology emerges and home gyms are able to have state of the art equipment you once could only find in an expensive gym. For not that much money, a person could stock a home gym with all the necessary equipment to get in shape and then some. Home gyms come without all the distractions of a commercial gym and the best part is that you never have to wait for a particular piece of workout equipment. In your home gym, you're first in line for everything.

Save Your Money

A commercial gym can cost a lot of money and, let's face it, most people who sign up for commercial gyms rarely use the memberships they pay their hard earned money for. Sure, they may go in the beginning, they may go a lot, but eventually, like most people, their enthusiasm for working out fades and they quit going altogether. Yet they keep paying the monthly dues. It's like they're throwing away their money.

With a home gym, you pay the initial cost for the equipment and then you pay nothing else. You get to work out when you want and you don't have to worry about any commutes. With your home gym, you're already there.

Enjoying A Good Home Gym Workout

Who wouldn't rather enjoy a good home gym workout rather than trek all the way to the gym and sweat in front of a bunch of other people. Well some people may like the socializing or may even see it as a pool for possible dates. But for those who would prefer to save the time and just do it at home, the home gym workout is optimal. How can one accomplish this successfully, though? This article covers the many different ways in which one can get a home gym workout that matches or surpasses any gym trip.

Upper Body

Many people, mainly women, don't really get into the great benefits of a good upper body workout. But this workout is just as vital as any other to keep the body in tip-top shape. And not only is it healthy, it doesn't hurt the body's appearance much! It is easy to get a good upper body home gym workout. Some simple ideas do not even include free weights. For instance, why not try some good old-fashioned push-ups. Not only do these treat the arms and chest just right, but they add in the extra benefit of a cardiovascular effect. Working on triceps? How about arm bends on the couch? That'll burn! What about those shoulders? Some simple shrugs, with or without some type of weight, will do the job.

Lower Body

The lower half of the body is easy enough to get in to shape with a home gym workout. Try a series of squats with variations of leg width apart. Adding in some calf presses is easy to incorporate with a simple lift here and there. Another idea for the home gym workout lower body component is trying a bunch of lunges across the living room. After a while, those things will really tighten the legs and glutes up! Sticking with it and trying your hardest with each rep will really show results.


Even the heart-beating benefits from a cardiovascular exercise can be complete in a home gym workout. In addition to simply keeping the heart going with an ongoing strengthening set, an exerciser can try many of the old standbys. For instance, jumping jacks have always been a heart-healthy way to get the body moving. Or what about keeping a jump rope around the house? Maybe even a hula hoop? These are fun ways to experience benefits from a home gym workout.