The Best Way to Gain Weight Without Getting Fat

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For guys its not bulk body builder weight, even though you could because we make more testosterone. For ladies it would be more like Jennifer Garner or Angelina Jolie. You have to slow your metabolism a little so maybe dont do as much cardio activity and increase the intensity of your resistance (weights) workouts.

Proteins will help you build muscle but don't overdo it, meaning don't go stock up on peanut butter and tuna cans. Only so much protein can be used by your body a day the rest goes undigested to a degree. Its important to eat proteins after weight workouts.

Also make sure you get your proteins from vegetables as well as meats. Yes vegetables, you would be surprised how many bodybuilders are vegetarians. Legumes (beans), Leafy green vegetables have proteins as well as whole grains (rice). When eaten in combination vegetables and whole grains containing proteins can form whats called a complete protein which is better used by your body to build muscle.

Building muscle in your workouts requires high intensity resistance training, so if you haven't been lifting weights build up to it gradually. Taking longer rests between your sets will allow more muscle fibers to be built, and drink plenty of water.

As far as supplements go, everything God put on this earth for you to eat works just as well as any supplement. All supplements do is try to give you what you can get from your food and give you results you get from hard work and smart eating. A good multivitamin is just about all you need as far as supplements go. Weight gain supplements have way to many side effects to be worth it.

There are certain foods that are beneficial and certain you should avoid.
# Drink sufficient pure water -- your weight divided by 2 = ounces per day. Take fluids between meals, using reverse osmosis purified water, unsweetened juices, and herbal beverages. Try liquid chlorophyll in pure water, it is delicious and refreshing!

# *A minimum of 50% of your food should be alive -- fresh, raw, unprocessed. Dead food cannot build strong bodies. Eat foods in season and foods that can spoil. (But eat them before they spoil, of course!)More is preferable!

# *Eliminate foods used in a microwave. Try to eliminate using the microwave for anything you eat or drink.

# *Eliminate processed sugars and white flour and any foods that contains these; i.e., read labels. Substitute whole grain foods for white -- stone ground whole wheat, brown rice, etc.

# *Avoid all stimulants. They are very hard on the adrenal glands. (Coffee, cigarettes, chocolate, cola drinks, alcohol, aspirin, black tea -- herbal (green, jasmine, chamomille, etc.) tea acceptable.)

# *It is easier on your digestive system if you eat fruit by itself. Fruit digests faster than any other type of food. Starches and proteins do not combine well either.

# *Eat two-thirds of your daily food intake before mid-afternoon if possible. It is best to use protein in the morning and at noon, not in the evening.

# *Eliminate fried foods of all kinds -- grill, bake, roast, or steam instead.

# *Avoid products sweetened with high fructose corn syrup -- this does a real number on your blood sugar and in excess causes belly fat

# *Avoid using Splenda, Nutrasweet or any other artificial sweetners containing Aspartame and Sucralose for they are harmful to the body. Avoid using products sweetened with these dangerous chemicals.

# *Avoid pork and any product containing pork -- lunch meats, hot dogs, ham, bacon, sausage, etc. Experts feel that the parasites in pork are heat-resistant.

# *Do not use aluminum cookware.

# *Replace table salt with Vegetable Seasoning Broth, kelp or B-Salt. Table salt -- sodium chloride -- is an imbalanced chemical which can cause health problems.

# *Replace red meat with fish or fowl whenever possible.

# *Substitute leaf lettuce -- Romaine, red or green leaf, or butter for head lettuce which has very little food value and is toxic in the colon.

# Try to add cultured products, natural yogurt & keifer (not sweetened) to your diet to help your digestive system. Also add acidophilus supplements to your regimen to increase friendly bacteria in your intestines and support your immune system.

# Eat Organic food whenever possible

#*70% of your daily food intake should be selected from alkaline-forming list. 30% from the acid-forming list.
To accomplish this, you may have:
5 vegetables*
2 fruits
2 starches -- or -- 1 starch
1 protein 2 proteins

Acid - Forming Foods
Citrus juices
Grains (cereal)

Alkali - Forming Foods
Fruit juices/except citrus
Vegetable juices
Raw Honey
*Liquid Chlorophyll - Chloropyll may be used as a vegetable.
Goat milk
sprouted seeds