An Easy Way to Develop JAVA Enterprise Applications

by : Qurrat Mahmood

Research bears that less than 70 percent of development projects are actually completed, and more than half come in late and over budget. AlachiSoft TierDeveloper is a Rapid Application Development tool that helps Software Developers do better, more creative, and useful work by reducing redundant hand coding. No run time fees, No server-CPU fees, and no development fees charged by AlachiSoft. Customers only pay for developer licenses.

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TierDeveloper quickly designs, generates and deploys the middle-Tier data objects in hours or days at most. This is the biggest area of saving in a software project when you use TierDeveloper. TierDeveloper 3.0 includes full integration support for Microsoft VS.Net 2003. TierDeveloper map data objects to tables along with custom attribute selection. Specify custom hooks, web services, multiple database connections, and parent/child relationships.

For Java and J2EE developers, TierDeveloper is now tightly integrated with BEA webLogic 7.1/8.1 and Jboss 3.2.x and added database support for MySQL will give Developers working in different environments more flexibility. New Oracle optimization includes the ability to generate .NET components using Oracle Native Data Provider for .NET.

Follow five easy steps to Rapid Development with TierDeveloper 3.0 (for more details, visit

  1. Have your database ready

  2. Identify your Application’s database interaction

  3. Create TierDeveloper Project

  4. Generate and run 50% of your application instantly

  5. Develop remaining 50% of your application

If you want to gain greater productivity, quality and consistency, while cutting costs at the same time then use TierDeveloper, It reduce the time intensive phases of the project development and software testing with a significant cost reduction.

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