Why is it so important to maintain normal weight

by : bimka

Fat postponed mainly in the subcutaneous tissue, it is heavily imbued with numerous blood vessels in their own food. This creates additional pressure on the circulatory system. Moreover, obesity is and the heart, which could double his weight and fitness significantly decrease.

However, the blood is not only reducing the heart muscle. They have enough muscle tone, rhythmic cuts and relax muscles during her work, movement in joints, breathing tour chest and diaphragm. But obesity is also listed as broken, but because the entire burden for the body's blood supply is at the heart of that as a result of premature wear.

The people weighing more than four times more likely than people of normal weight has varicose veins and venous blood violation that led to stagnation in the blood and makes the heart.

From the respiratory system obesity are small in relation to body weight slightly, moving the chest and diaphragm. In light frequent stoppages, a life-size reduction, developed shortness of breath.

In addition, there are human secretion of gastric function and pancreas (as a result of developing diabetes). The liver is the disintegration of the connective tissue, a violation of bile, leading to cholelithiasis a disease.

Increased pressure on the leg joints, especially the knee and hip.

Of course, all this is more related to a high degree of obesity. During the early stages, when we have extra weight, you can not daunted by those diseases. But do not forget that this is only the beginning, and then everything will depend on you.

It is to relax, to reassure themselves and not take any action, as once again, or not very day, looking in the mirror, you flatly say that your lean figure nothing left. And you already one step closer to the problem known as obesity.