How To Calculate Your Ideal Body Weight

by : Kimbles

You can start losing weight now by setting yourself up for success. By that I mean – be realistic about what a healthy ideal weight is for your age, height and body frame. By setting an ideal weight is realistic, but one that stretches you, the likelihood of you reaching your goal weight is much, much greater.

Do you even know what your ideal weight is? If not, this is exciting – you can start today by becoming an active participant in your own success weight loss story. To do this:
Go online and educate yourself.
Use your favorite search engine.
Type in “ideal body weight".
For a second search, also type in “BMI" (Body Mass Index)
Research some sites and use three that you like.
Calculate what your ideal body weight is with all three sites.
Using three results is very useful as you will note a standard and it will be more believable for you.
Decide on an ideal weight for yourself within the range calculated.

Congratulations, you are one of few who really do know what their ideal weight is. You are no longer just making an uneducated or uninformed guess. It is important for us, especially for women I feel, to keep a realistic and healthy perspective on the issue surrounding weight and identify what is healthiest for each of us. There are many women whose weight is at a healthy place which is when the BMI between 20 and 24, but they are still trying to lose weight to fit into the image of what a healthy body weight is in the eyes of the media and society. So before you start any weight loss program, educate yourself as much as you can, speak to your doctor, nutritionist or an expert at the gym. Take charge of your body and your life. There is no need to leave it in the hands of those who go by hearsay. Calculate your own BMI. This will give you a good idea of how much weight, if any, you really need to lose. To calculate your BMI, I have found this site very easy to use and to understand:

With information that you can trust, some great tools, willingness and commitment you can lose weight and live in a body that you can be proud of.