Weight Loss Pills and Supplements - Overview

by : matth02

Weight loss ads seem to be just about everywhere these days. Some of these ads talks about diet pills that promise to curb the appetite and shed pounds. It may seem like a very easy way to lose weight, but does it work? Let's take a closer look.

They appear as miracles to those who have been plagued by weight issues for years. What could be easier or safer than using a natural diet pill/supplement to give you that body that you have always dreamed of? You see the phenomenal changes and testimonials of users with before and after shots. Who wouldn't love to have those super slim bodies in a matter of weeks with no exercise, no deprivation and no effort? But be wary, because natural does not always translate to safe and healthy.

Weight is a major issue in society today. Appearance is important and the world is obsessed with the slim, trim body. It is not really surprising that Americans will spend in the area of 40 billion dollars a year on diet products. Not everyone has the determination to watch what he or she eats, and few have the dedication, or time, to work out. This is where diet pills become the incredible savior. Pop a pill and let it do all the work! But what exactly do these pills do to your body as they work. One thing to keep in mind, when considering taking a natural diet pill/supplement, is that since they are marketed as a natural remedy, the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) does not regulate it. This means there are no studies to test their effectiveness or their long-term effects. There is also no proof that they are safe to take.

Diet pills/supplements fall into one of several categories. There are calorie burners, appetite suppressants and carbohydrate blockers. Calorie burners claim to increase metabolism. In doing so, they also often increase heart rate, sometimes leading to irregular heart rhythms, increased blood pressure, as well as, resulting in nervousness, depression and insomnia. The common ingredient causing these side effects is ephedrine, which is methylamino-l phenyl-l propanol. This is derived from the ma-huang plant or the result of different herbal combinations. It is known to have caused numerous illnesses and even death.

Appetite suppressants create a feeling of fullness and decreases a users appetite. This leads to fewer calorie consumption and thereby allows an individual to lose weight. If we consider the fact that lower calorie consumption will actually lower metabolism, we can see that a lower metabolic rate will actually decrease weight loss. Our body functions depend on food to fuel their healthy activity. By decreasing our food intake too much, we can actually be harming ourselves.

Fat Blockers or carbohydrate blockers work by blocking our intestines from absorbing carbohydrates and fats. Since certain vitamins are carried into our blood with fat, this method can eliminate certain essential nutrients from entering our bodies. There are also numerous side effects with this method such as cramping, diarrhea and gas.

Since the body develops immunity to any diet pill/supplement, weight loss will reach its height after six months of use. Often after use, the lost weight comes back. Many of these pills can also become habit forming and lead to drug abuse. If you plan on losing weight and have an eye on the natural diet pill/supplement, combine it with a healthy diet, exercise and most importantly, a visit to your doctor. He can explain the ingredients contained in them and inform you of any possible side effects or adverse reactions to any medication you may currently be taking.

Weight loss is usually not achieved overnight, without any hard work and commitment on the dieter's side. It is an ongoing process with an eye toward developing a healthy eating pattern and a workout combination. Know what you are putting into your body. Don't give into miraculous weight loss claims. And remember natural may not always be safe and healthy.