The Biggest Loser Is A Great Weight Loss Motivator

by : Chris78

Tv`s the biggest loser, is an incredible insight into peoples struggles to lose weight. I could`nt believe how one guy, had lost over 140 pounds from his 300 plus frame.

It`s like a miracle unfolded before your eyes, as they show the contestants pictures from when they started and than update the pictures over the course of months as they began to lose weight.

These people went from barely being able to walk, because of their size, into completely fit individuals. It was almost too much to see the differences in their looks, as they progressively shredded pounds from their frames.

Alot of these people were extremely good looking, but had been hiding behind years of abuse to their bodies. Even family members could hardly believe their eyes, as they saw them for the first time, since they had left to join this diet show.

This show is an inspiration to overweight people the world over. I saw just how hard those contestants exercised and struggled with making better food choices and thought to myself "These people are really working hard and should be commended for their efforts.

As the contestants exercising continued, you could see their stamina improved and their spirits became brighter, as they realised, that they could achieve a signifiacnt weight loss, with consistant efforts.

That`s not to say, that there were not struggles along the way for them. As the contestants went back home, without their personal trainers looking after them. You started to see them, slipping back into the old negative eating habits and lifestyles that made them gain so much weight.

Each person had their own reasons for letting their weight gains spiral out of control originally. Some were substituting food for happiness. Others truly just loved food and were completely addicted to it.

Some were trying to heal emotional scars from when they were young. Each individual had to dig deep within themselves to come to terms with their issues and than the healing could begin.

I can personally relate. I too got married and gained a fair amount of weight years back. But, I never felt well being overweight. I felt rundown all the time and after alot of starting and stopping. I was able to stick with exercising and eating smaller meals, until I trimmed down in fighting shape again.

Though most of the contestants decided, that no matter how hard their weight loss process was, they needed a complete lifestyle change and they didn`t want to screw up all their previous hard work.

I thought that seeing these people at home, brought a very humane quality to overweight peoples struggles with weight loss. Put me in their shoes and I don`t know ,if I could have responded as well, as they all did.

Overweight people can feel disciminated against at times, but the biggest loser was the complete opposite. The personal trainers were, nothing but supportive and you could tell, that they truly cared about these people and their health.

Not only did contestants have to exercise rigorously, but completely change their eating habits, as well as be away from their loved ones, for long durations.

You could definately see, some of the people on the show were almost going through a type of withdrawal from food as some cried, others threw temper tantrums.

Years of sedentary living combined with terrible eating habits had clearly taken their tolls on these people. At first most of them could barely jog a block, let along a few miles. But as the show continued, these people started to gain confidence in themselves and their ability to stick with a diet and exercise regimen.

I felt that this show, was an incredible inspiration, for anyone that is feeling helpless. There were so many people that were truly cheering these people on and desperately wanting them to suceed.

The one fact, that I took away from the show was, overweight people should not just accept being overweight as who they are. They should watch this weight loss show and see that anything is possible, with some effort and hard work. And that loved ones truly wanted these people to be happy and healthy.

The one contestant said " I want to be around to see my daughter get married". I thought that his dieting efforts were an incredible gift to his wife and daughter.