The Diet That Gave Me Abs

by : leong82

Washboard abs is what all us fitness enthusiast dream of. We go to the gym everyday, follow on the entire fad diets out there and also invest heavily on weight loss supplements. But yet, some how, most of us did not get the results that we want. Too often weight loss fads and gimmicks out there are just rubbish.

But there is one diet that is not rubbish at all. I dare to say this because I have personally tried and tested it. It worked like magic. In one month, I lost 6 pounds of body fat. I do not care what people say about that figure but as far as I am concerned, it is a lot of fat there. Imagine just six pounds of meat smack on the table. It is a lot.

This diet is a very practical and safe diet. It works similarly like the South Beach Diet and Atkins diet but the only difference here is that the low carbohydrate phase is only for five days and for the weekends it is free eating time! Sounds good right? The free days of gives the mental mind a break and it is important because you want a fat loss that can sustain and maintain, not just a diet where you lose 5 pounds and gain 6 pounds back on.

The fundamentals of this diet is very simple, you have to go on a very low carbohydrate diet plan for 5 days and then 2 days off. What will happen is that ketosis will take place on the second or third day of the first five days. The body will use up the sugar in the body during the first or second day. Ketosis is a phase where your body uses fat as the main source of energy because of the presence of ketones in the body. Great right?

Since your body will be so low in carbohydrates, when you start the loading phase on Saturday and Sunday, your, muscle will be super charged because your body will absorb and abnormal amount of carbohydrates into your muscles. It is like a supercharge effect.
Then when you come back and exercise in the gym following Monday, you will feel as strong as ever and pumped up like never before. Trust me, you will never regret trying it.

During your low carbohydrate phase, you are not allowed to have carbohydrates for more than 20 grams a day. This is very little actually. An apple is already about 30 grams of carbs. So it is literally no carbohydrates at all. Your goal is to consume lots of vegetables except carrots, eat lots of lean meat like chicken, pork, mutton and beef, and eat lots of egg white and fish. You can also consume mayonnaise, cheese, and olive oil and also butter. Just be careful of the hidden carbs in these foods. Drink lots of water.

You cannot eat fruits, no snacks at all. You can forget about sweets and sugar. Drink sugarless tea and coffee. For example, for breakfast, eat two whole eggs, 3 slices of bacon and a cup of sugarless coffee. Later for snack, eat a piece of roasted chicken thigh, not breaded, a large bowl of salad with no carrots and mayonnaise. For lunch, take a piece of steak and broccoli. Do not use sugar in the gravy. For afternoon snack, take a protein powder shake that is low carb and for dinner, have a salmon steak, stir fried mix vegetables with olive oil.

Then for Saturday and Sunday, go crazy! Eat all the food and any food your heart desire. This is very important to give your mind a break so when you come back on Monday, you will be so bored of junk food that you want to be on diet again! That junk food that you eat on the weekends would not be absorbed anyway. Your muscles will be so super charged that you would be stronger on your workout routines and more energy on your cardio. That way you can beat the your muscles threshold and get results. You have to try it to believe it, get your abs the way I did naturally and surely.