Lose Weight Without Exercise

by : ripsaw

You have the desire to lose weight without exercise but is it really possible. Everyone would love to be able to pop a pill and watch TV while the pounds fall off. I am sure you know this is a pipedream that is not going to happen.

One of the noblest goals a person can have is to accomplish the goal of losing the desired amount of weight and then keep it off. While it may be possible to lose some weight without exercise it most certainly will be harder to do and it will be much tougher to keep it off.

There are so many scams, exercise miracle tools, weight loss membership websites, and too many weight loss pills and formulas to even go into. We shall look into some of the issues you face as a dieter. Use common sense when deciding how to attack your weight loss issues.

Be wary of any diet that calls for unnatural means to lose weight. If it seems to good to be true it probably is. To lose weight and to keep it off is a constant battle won by cutting calories. To be successful you have to take in fewer calories. This is why exercise helps you so much as it burns lots of calories. Your battle will be much easier won by including some exercise in your plan.

Some common sense ways to lose more weight

Switch to leaner types of meats such as fish or turkey
Cut as much fat as you can from your meat before cooking
Switch to low fat dairy products
Join weight watchers
Find a partner to be help accountable to

Exercise speeds up your metabolism. This will greatly improve your odds of shedding those pounds away. You should at least consider adding some form of exercise into your weight loss program. You can do this without joining the gym and doing heavy workouts 5 days a week.

Start out by walking, this is not too hard to do and can often work wonders. You may want to add some light weightlifting to your schedule. This will help keep your muscles in good shape.

Always start any new weight loss program with a trip to your doctor. Tell him your plans and listen to his advice. He should be able to help you get started in a safe way.

Weight loss is a hard thing to accomplish; anyone that tells you different probably wants to sell you something. Most people will need to watch their calorie intake for the rest of their lives.

Can you loss weight without exercise? Maybe but a little exercise on your part will make reaching your goals easier.