The Definitive Diet Check List

by : sayedah

Do you eat too quickly?

Some signs are:

Do you finish your meals in 10 to 15 mins
Eat a sandwich while working, not leaving your desk
Feel unsatisfied after you have finished eating
Dont remember what you ate

If you are eating too quickly, chances are that your body is not getting the signal that you are full. You are eating more than you require. Another disadvantage of eating in this way is that you will not enjoy your food.

Change the location of where you are eating. If you are eating at your desk, stay in the office, but eat with a colleague or in another location. This will help you relax, and as your desk is the anchor for work, you will be able to break the pattern for working...and create a new anchor for eating healthily.

Do you comfort eat?
Perhaps you know that you eat for comfort, but may not know the trigger, here are some ideas below. Take a moment to notice if any of these apply. If you are eating with any of these patterns regularly (2 or more times a week), you may be comfort eating.

Some signs of comfort eating:
You are bored at home and eat something that you shouldnt be eating
Eating late at night in front of the TV
Eat ice cream or chocolate when youre feeling down
Getting up in the middle of the night to visit the bathroom...stopping at the kitchen before going back to bed.
Does your shopping trolley have more junk food in it than vegetables?
Do you eat when you are not hungry?
Eating after youve had a fight with a friend or loved one
Eating something fattening to celebrate your weight loss

Time now to ask yourself:
What is the emotional issue that I am not dealing with here?
What are my triggers for eating in this way?
Is there something in my life that I am not being honest about?

As you begin facing the cause of your comfort eating, you will notice the trigger. The first step is awareness. From here, you can have a choice; once you heal the underlying issues, the comfort eating will stop. You will create healthy habits as well.

Some other unhealthy habits that may contribute to excess weight:

Do you?
Eat take out more than twice a week
Eat packaged meals frequently
Too busy to buy groceries
Eat the same food day after day
Not bothered about cooking because its just you at home
Eat dinner late and sleep soon after
Eat at unstructured times

You may not be comfort eating, but if you have weight issues, your habits may need some adjustment. We need healthy, fresh foods. Raw vegetables, fruits, and a varied diet are essential for good health. If you have two or more of the above habits, you need to make some changes. Start slowly. Pick the one habit that would be easiest to adjust and start there. Perhaps you can start by cooking one simple meal a week. Enjoy this. It is an investment in yourself, one you will benefit from for years to come.