Gastric Bypass :One Way To Control Weight Problems

by : billyou1232

Losing weight is something that many people have to face at some point in their lives. For many people it is a lifelong struggle that results in them facing the medical problems associated with obesity.

When a person becomes morbidly obese they are actually facing a much shorter life span. The human body is not equipped to carry too much extra weight. With any additional mass, many of the bodys internal organs must work harder.

One solution that many people are now turning to is gastric bypass surgery. This is a medical procedure designed to help people who are obese lose weight so that they can go on to live longer and healthier lives. Gastric bypass is not designed for a person who has just twenty or thirty pounds to lose.

A doctor may suggest gastric bypass if a person has been struggling with an obesity problem for a number of years. There are many conditions which are a direct result of being obese including diabetes and coronary artery disease. For these people they simply need to loose weight in order to prolong their lives.

Before a person can have a gastric bypass procedure they need to undergo a battery of tests. These tests will help determine whether or not their body can survive the surgery. They will also speak with a psychologist who will decide whether they are mentally and emotionally stable enough to face the consequences.

Once the surgery has been performed the real work begins. Gastric bypass involves cutting off access to the stomach. The persons digestive system is revamped so that they now only have a small pouch that is used to store food. This means that they are very restricted in what they are permitted to eat. Because their food intake is so drastically reduced during the gastric bypass operation they can no longer absorb as many calories as they once did.

Many people who undergo a gastric bypass have to completely learn to change their eating habits. This can prove to be a challenge but if they continue to eat the same as before the operation they will suffer very serious complications.

Exercise is important as well after a gastric bypass. If a person is very obese they will have to begin slowly perhaps by walking for just a few moments each day until they begin to lose the weight. Once more weight is lost they can quickly increase their exercise time each day and include activities such as riding a bike and even lifting weights.

It can be very easy to fall back into old patterns once the weight has been lost but it is important to view gastric bypass as a second chance at life. If you are fortunate enough to have the surgery and lose the weight, take great care of yourself so you never have to face those same health problems again.