Healthy Weight Loss - The Right Way

by : layback

Are you really overweight? Do you really need to weight loss? How to find it out? Take a tape and find out the measurement of the broadest part of your hips (go around the buttocks) and the narrowest part of your waist (just above your belly button). Divide the waist reading by your hips reading to find the Waist-to-hips ratio. A ratio of .95 or greater for men, or 0.8 or greater for women means your body fat is mostly in the upper part of your body and you are prone to more health risks. This is a good indicator to start looking at weight loss options and one of the best ways is a healthy weight loss program.

The best process for a healthy weight loss program is practicing regular exercise and adopting healthy diet control. It is very important not to subject your body to excessive exercise suddenly, this well shock your body and is very painful. For example if you have never tried walking or running do not attempt to walk or run three miles in day one. It is very important to increase exercise slowly. Bear in mind that your body always prefers slow changes both while doing exercise and while practicing diet control. Healthy weight loss takes place gradually and not all of the sudden. You can try to start with a short walk and slowly increase the distance you cover. It is actually the calories in your food minus the calories burned during exercise that is stored as body fat. So people who increase their exercise amount but continue with the same calorie intake will certainly achieve weight loss.

One important aspect in attempting healthy weight loss through exercise is to choose the activity that is most appropriate, affordable and enjoyable to you. Select a activity that fits into your daily routine naturally and will be easy to make it a regular exercise routine. Also see to it that the activity you choose also suits your health and your family commitments so that you can keep up with it daily.

If you hate the gym don't worry you certainly have other means of exercising. You can try to have long walks in the park nearby or along the seaside. You can try to climb the stairs instead of using the elevator wherever you can. Likewise you can get off the bus early and walk to your destination. You can place an exercise bicycle in your living room so that you can watch your favorite TV programs or DVD's while you are exercising.

As far as having control over your diet do not opt for crash diet weight loss programs. Although it may bring your weight down it makes you weak and ultimately you give up your weight loss program. It is always advisable to eat well but health foods. See that your food has enough nutritional value. Healthy diets include cutting down trans fats in food and eating foods rich in fiber, protein, minerals, vitamins like, vegetables, fruits and lean meats. Nutrition is important and there are many choices of nutritional products in the market that can be helpful during your weight loss program. Finding the right nutritional products can be very challenging. If you need advise in pick the right ones for your body, 1body4u only carries top rated health products. So if your in need of some extra help to stick to your healthy weight loss program, now you have a partner in your weight loss efforts.