10 Pounds to Lose and What to Do?

by : dpoon

Got 10 pounds to lose? Don't torture yourself by not eating and taking weight reducing drugs that may not be beneficial to you in the long run. You may be dying to lose unwanted fat in your body but you don't have to do it in an instant. Have patience and gradually and diligently work on your aim. Soon you'll realize those 10 pounds you ought to lose will just be a part of history.

So you have 10 pounds to lose? Check out these simple yet effective ways to lose ten pounds gradually and safely:


The best way you can do to get rid of those ten pounds is to exercise. The reason why you get fat and gain weight is that the calories (energy) your body has gotten from the food that you eat are more than what your body needs or what you utilize. The excess calories not burned up are then stored in form of fat. The stored fat becomes your alternative source of energy when what you eat is not enough to provide for your energy requirements. However, when you consistently take in more calories, the tendency of your body is to store more excess calories in form of fat. The unconsumed fat is the one that makes gain weight.

Exercising would help you burn those stored calories and thus prevent weight gain. As you increase your physical activities, more and more energies are consumed so calories that you take in don't accumulate in your system as fats. However, bear in mind that exercising is essential to good health and should not only be done if you've got 10 pounds to lose. Make it a habit in order for you to maintain your good health even as you grow older.

Eat the Right Food and the Right Amount of Food

Eating the right kind of food, that is, low-calorie food and the right amount of food is very important if you are serious about losing weight. The principle here is that you have to take in only the right amount of calorie you shall be consuming as all the excess will just be stored as fat. Also, drink lots of water.

Sleep Early and Get up early

Most people do not realize they have already gained so much weight within certain period of time. This is because gaining weight can be a long and sluggish process. Everyday, you gain a pound or two without noticing it. Then suddenly when you check your weight you realize you already got 10 pounds added to your weight, which means you got 10 pounds to lose as well. For most busy people, exercising may not be a good idea as it may take much of their time.

Sleeping early and waking up early in the morning can be one of your alternatives. Getting up early means doing more things earlier. Since you do not eat much or you probably eat much healthier food in the morning, you are more likely to burn calories (as you move around the house, prepare your breakfast and your things) from fat that have already been there in your system. Moreover, if your reason for not exercising is your "lack of time," getting up early would give you time for exercise, even just the basics such as brisk walking for a few minutes.