Weight Loss Pills - Little Diet Pill Wonders Explained

by : layback

Consuming weight loss pills is an excellent way to lose weight without much strain. Once you have concluded you are overweight and you have to lose some, you certainly have many methods ahead of you. The generally suggested method is to do regular exercise and practice dieting. But many who have not been exercising and have been good eaters find it difficult to practice both. Weight loss pills are a boon for them as these pills can help one get rid of the unnecessary and excess fat from his or her body.

Weight loss pills are available in several forms. They include drugs prescribed by the doctors, drugs available over the counter and also herbal drugs. The drugs prescribed by the doctors are well regulated by the FDA and the doctors also closely monitor the usage of the drug. The drugs available over the counter are without any doctors' prescription. These drugs are also FDA regulated drugs. Although weight loss pills are very widely used, some of the have been found to have side effects. Some of these drugs are found to result in heart and other health problems. In fact over the counter weight loss pills initially contained the active ingredient phenylpropanolamine. This proved to be hazardous to health and hence on the request of the FDA the drug manufacturers have reformulated it. Herbal or natural weight loss pill are another type of pills and these are considered by the FDA as food products and not pills.

There are a variety of these weight loss pills and these pills work in different ways based on the ingredients they contain. Some weight loss pills suppress appetite. These pills affect the hypothalamus part of the brain, which is the region that regulates your appetite. It creates a feeling of fullness and so naturally you eat less.

Some weight loss pills are considered fat blockers, which inhibit the action of lipase, an enzyme. Normally when we eat fat rich food, this lipase helps in breaking down the fat when it passes through the tract of the intestines. This weight loss pill with lipase inhibitor helps in removing some extent of fat from the body thorough the bowels instead of breaking the fat.

Weight loss pills are a very profitable business and many companies are trying to introduce new products. Actually nearly a hundred such medicines are under clinical trials. One such weight loss pill acts on a protein present in the brain i.e. endocannabinoids and is thought to be responsible of controlling ones' appetite. Actually the pill is found to block the protein from reaching their brain receptor, thus reducing food cravings.

Although many weight loss pills are in use, not all over the counter pills are effective. Although the advertisements given by the manufactures may claim that the pills have miraculous effect, some of these weight loss pills are untested, unregulated and unproven. Further even if the pills prove to be effective they should not be taken for a longer period. They can be taken only for a shorter period say six months or still lesser than that.

Further these weight loss pills are not for such persons who want to lose weight to attend a party or for any other reason. These weight loss pills are meant only for those whose body mass index is 30 or more than that i.e., who are really obese and are badly in need of treatment. These weight loss pills are not recommended for children under 16.