Diet Secrets the Weight Loss Industry Doesnt Want You to Know

by : guyray

It's summer time, that time of year when all of America is trying to lose some extra weight. Before you open your wallet to an expensive weight loss program consider that over 50 million Americans will also be doing it and only a slim percentage will actually lose the weight and keep it off. The weight loss industry makes over 40 billion a year off of people trying to loss unwanted pounds. There are as many scams as there are legitimate weight loss programs. Some of the tips in this article might help you avoid the scams.

There is not necessarily truth in advertising. If the offer seems to good to be true then it probably is. False and misleading claims in weight loss ads are widespread. Diets that claim you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight or that you can loss weight without exercise usually can't live up to there promises. Out of over 300 weight loss ads in the media only the FTC claimed that at least 55% couldn't live up to the promises they were making. If it seems to good to be true it probably is.

What about the products that claim they are doctor recommenced or scientifically proven, they have to work, right. Just because a product claims it is doctor recommenced or scientifically proven doesn't mean that it's safe. What the ad fails to say is that the doctor is being paid for the ad, and may not have completely checked out the product. There are often no scientific basis behind the weight loss programs.

Testimonials are also not a good source of information on a weight loss program. They typically show before and after pictures where the clients look incredible in the after pictures. There is a reason for this. In the before pictures the clients are made to look as bad as possible. Unkept hair, no make up , and unfashionable clothes that give them washed out skin tones are common in the before pictures. In the after pictures the lighting is better, the makeup and hair are professionally done, and the clothes are much more stylish and suited for the person. They do this because the greater the change the more chance someone will be impressed and buy into there weight loss program.

The only true weight loss program is monitoring your diet and regular exercise. This isn't going to cost you a small fortune but you won't lose the weight overnight. A healthy weight loss program takes time and forces you to make a lifestyle adjustment. Don't be taken in by the scams and fad diet advertised on TV. Not all of them are scams but be careful for the ones that are.

Weight loss comes down to one simple principle. Consume fewer calories than you burn.