Learning About Body Core Conditioning With Windsor Pilates

by : westgroup

Having a strong body core is important to almost every function that we perform in our lives. From walking to combing our hair, to swimming or climbing the stairs, a strong body core is the basis for all of our movements.

The core of the body is the entire torso area including the pelvis, back, chest and shoulders.

And it is this mid-section of the body that most movement originates from including the simple act of moving the mouse on your computer.
Without a properly conditioned body core most of us would not be able to perform the most basic of functions and our daily actives would be severely limited.

Training the body core will not only improve the strength of your limbs, it will also improve your posture as well. And while there are many exercises that train different parts of the body core such as the abdominals, not all exercises condition the entire body core.
Additionally, doing exercises that stress only one aspect of your core such as the abdominal muscles can lead to an imbalance of your muscles which can cause strain or injury.

While there are several types of exercises that address the body core such as yoga, Windsor Pilates is one of the few exercise programs which takes a comprehensive approach to conditioning the body core.

Pilates was originally developed by Joseph Pilates - a nurse, in the early part of the 20th century. In trying to help his patients rehabilitate from their illnesses, Joseph Pilates formulated a series of movements that could be practiced within limited confines.

The exercises that Pilates developed consisted of exact movements that require control and good form. He designed hundreds of exercises focusing on "core" muscles - mostly in the stomach and back.

Another aspect of the Pilate's exercise program is that it emphasizes one's own body weight for resistance training to build body strength.

A great number of Pilate's exercises are done lying or sitting on a mat which often imitates movements that are employed in daily life or in sporting activities such as rowing a boat.

Besides conditioning the body core, Pilates exercises offer additional benefits such as:

Helps flexibility

Helps to alleviate back pain

Builds stronger muscles

Reduces stress and tension

Improves your posture

Improves your coordination

Increases range of motion

Improves your balance

A strong body core is important for everyone, both male and female, from a professional athlete to a housewife. And Pilates is a great way to condition your body core, get fit and improve your strength and flexibility.