Are You Resigned to Being Fat Forever?

by : Medifast

As we go about our daily lives, driving here and there and working in a stressful environment always eating and drinking the wrong foods and liquids.

I even see people in the grocery stores looking at the food labels probably trying to figure out the ingredients and if this food contains a certain vitamin or ingredient. But they really never look at the nutritional value of these foods. The pure fact is that most all the foods we eat in the store or in restaurants is junk! There is not one ounce of nutritional value in most all of these foods. All these foods will probably make them over weight and fat.

We all hear the latest diet fad "buzzwords" from reporters or talk show hosts. We as a society all over the world don't know "what the hell" to eat for nutrition. Was I talking about you? Yes you and every one you know. Admit it, you eat what tastes good to you and never think about what it's doing to your body, right?

Now what does all this talk about food have to do with weight loss or controlling diabetes? It has everything to do with it. Most of the entire world is now in the throws of a very serious diabetes epidemic. Children barely in their teens, to young adults to middle aged people are getting diabetes at epic rates. Our society worldwide is literally eating ourselves to death, you included.

Just today I passed a healthy sea food restaurant then a McDonalds and guess which one was packed with cars and people. It starts with "M".

But as you age and keep gaining weight you become "comfortable" with how you are and actually deny how really fat or unhealthy the weight looks on you. You even look in the mirror and see something totally different. Then you say... so I'm fat and over weight, isn't everyone?

Now here comes the real shocker. Studies show that you and most people on the planet are not likely to change and think about losing weight until you are prone to disease and perceive the consequences of the disease as minor. What this means is that one day you feel Ok, and then the next day you feel so bad you go into see the doctor for dizziness and heart palpitations and he does some tests. The doctor sits you down and calmly tells you, "lose weight or die". He hands you a sheet with a diet to follow, gives you a few pills and sends you on your way. He'll probably also give you a lifelong prescription for lipitor or other cholesterol lowering drug due to eating all those cheeseburgers and fries.

Remember, you must start eating the right nutritious foods or get sick and die from complications of Diabetes. You say, it's not my fault, I just don't know any better. Or do you?